Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965








"What makes us Silent Skulls Lone Bikers?"



With due respect to traditional motorcycle clubs, Silent Skulls Club was  found out of our natural individual inability to conform to riding rules. We are a brotherhood of lone freedom on two wheels, freedom of choice not to lead or follow. We are not a "want to be traditional M/C", we canít be a traditional M/C. We are not affiliated, supported, chartered or sanctioned by other clubs.  Because of our non-organizational, non-political, non- traditional, non-club ways we ride alone. In crossing few areas our rights to the road have attracted attention from other clubs, know where you ride.

Maybe it's unnatural to conform or sacrifice to riding rules... Maybe it's the thought of no club restrictions or initiations... Maybe it's the lack of fear of being forced into expansion cracks, between double yellow lines or off on the shoulder looking for a back road out of a club... Maybe it's wanting to belong to a motorcycle club while not wanting to belong to anything... Maybe it's not being a lone biker by choice, but a protest of the traditional ways... Maybe it's having the courage to ride as a club alone... Maybe it's knowing all members are lone bikers like ourselves....Maybe it's the excitement of seeing another jacket in the middle of nowhere... Maybe it's the great feeling of pulling over at the end of the earth and being content alone... Maybe it's riding for simplicity and control over time and distance...Maybe it's not just about bikes, rules, bylaws and patches but about camaraderie with anonymity...Maybe it's because we ride as though it is an in-dissoluble love affair with our motorcycles and we view the destination as the end of a biker romance.


"Ride Alone"

"Ride Till You Bone"








Just like riding alone, all the choices are your own. It is your choice to join our international lone biker motorcycle club and ride alone with us. But no rush! Membership is lifetime!

We have no chapters and you can not join as a group of bikers, we are lone bikers! When you join, you are self-identifying as being a lone biker and become a Silent Skull. If you want to join just to buy a patch to flash, you are are joining for the wrong reasons and it will show. We are a one piece patch family who shares the belief of the lone biker, We ride all motorcycles and let live all bikers. Our club has no clubhouse, no president, no officers, no dues, no meetings, no initiations and no obligations when we ride! We are not like any other club and can't be like any other club, we are lone bikers.  

Motorcycling alone together has been the strong part of our Silent Skulls heritage and image over all these years. Nothing will ever change that such as: new members with traditional club ideas, strange leather wardrobes, bad attitudes, lots of money or bigger, better and more powerful bikes. It was a good feeling of camaraderie with anonymity when Silent Skulls Club formed and it is still that good feeling today. It is the true passion for freedom when riding all motorcycles and being content riding them alone that makes us Silent Skulls. 

Even though we are an international club, it's not the club's size or reputation that is important to us. It's really not the club at all, it's all of us unique world lone bikers individually and separately who make the Silent Skulls Club. It's the only place we fit and it's this creed of riding alone that brings us together in camaraderie. It's a feeling of being a part of something uniquely strange. Yet at the same time, it's also like not belonging to anything and riding as you choose. It is the choice that is very important to us!

The club is a majority of bikers who choose not to lead anyone anywhere or follow someone somewhere.  We are a club of 100% bikers who  recognize, honor and respect the true creed of "camaraderie with anonymity in a lone biker."  The club as a whole has no affiliations and remains neutral in biker politics. 

There are a few skulls who go down with "solitary helmet confinement" and miss the ways of other traditional clubs they came from.  We don't do traditional ways but are not against socializing, partying and occasional small runs! You can ride as you choose but don't come up with great political, social, promotional, runs and partying ideas for the  club.  We are a majority of hard to find lone bikers by choice and don't want to be contacted. 

It was lone road bikers who founded Silent Skulls in 1965. We rode alone because we were nomads of a free spirit, drifters with attitudes and desperadoes out of nonconformity.  Our voice is the silence of skulls and our image is the stray lone bikers. It is this special camaraderie that connects all Silent Skulls together. We allow members to be a Silent Skull along with being a member of any other clubs, organizations and activities. That is your choice but it does not represent the club as a whole.








"Ride Till You Bone"