Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965







 has only one official website. Anything  anywhere else is "COPYRIGHT PIRACY." It violates our creed, rules, policy, rights and is grounds for termination of piracy website including membership.


Members or non-members " CAN NOT" use our names and logos (Colors) on unauthorized websites, products, forms, blogs, bulletin boards and discussion groups without written authorization from our Club.

Silent Skulls
Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
SSLB International


All graphic logos and collective slogans associated with the identity of this Club are owned by and property of Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Motorcycle Club. They evolved for use with our private Club. We are a copyright and license entity. None of these graphic logos or collective slogans shall be used by any person, firm or corporation for any purpose without the "written permission" of Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Motorcycle Club. Your visual contact with this notice, our works of art and collective slogans constitute conclusive evidence of acceptance of these restrictions.



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Collective Sl
ogan business name license 
Silent Skulls Lone Bikers 


Any infringements of these rights which results in confusion to the public, deceiving membership and piracy for deliberate profit or personal gain are subject to shit:

These rights were obtained and granted with the intent to protect Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Motorcycle Club from the loss of membership and false, inferior or unsafe representation as a group. It protects members in a way that does not dilute our heritage, quality of uniqueness and camaraderie of being a lone biker. The club name, graphic logos and patches are copyright protected. Please do not reproduce them on any prints, products and websites.  Minimum exposure and slow growth is how we want it.