Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965








1.  Who are the Silent Skulls?

We are an untraditional group of Lone Bikers disorganized enough to form a non-club of like-minded individuals. We love to ride all motorcycles in all kinds of decent and indecent weather. We ride all walks of life and let live all Bikers. The Silent Skulls are all about lone freedom on two wheels and individual choices.


2.  What is the Club’s History?

    Silent Skulls just happened in the mid 60’s with 5 untraditional stray, lone bikers from around. For some unknown reasons, we crossed paths and clicked. Throughout the years, we gradually rode out to different parts and today we have members spread out over one earth on two wheels. 


       3.  How many members are in the Club?

    The true creed of Silent Skulls Lone Biker Club is "camaraderie with anonymity," our members like it that way.  The club always maintains membership confidentiality. We are a club of Lone Bikers here as a road stop for lone brothers and sisters together.


4.  What is the structure of the Club?

5.  What are the requirements for membership?

        6.  Do you have a prospecting period?

       7.  Once I eventually join, do I need to get a Club tattoo?

       8.  Is there a local Chapter or region I can join?

       9.  Does the Club have weekly or monthly meetings?

     10.  What if I join up, get lonely, and later want to leave the club?

      11.  I have noticed the Club patch looks prominent.  Will I get pulled over      
            wearing it?

       12.  Is the Club approved by AMA or anyone else?

      13.  What does the ‘13’ stand for on the Club Insignia?

'13' always stands for 'M', the 13th letter of the alphabet. For Silent Skulls, 'M' represents 'All Motorcycles'. Our addiction to all motorcycles and the love for riding alone. Our 'M' is what Silent Skulls is all about... ride alone... ride till you bone.



After you read all the website and you still have questions then you are not  a Silent Skull Lone Biker.