Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965




13"W x 14" H   

This large one piece family patch is truly our "camaraderie with anonymity" club patch. It is first class 100% embroidery with a refined futuristic biker look. The patch preserves the classic design symbols of our early biker era.  The skull representing Silent Skulls, the center circle represents the world globe " we ride over one earth on two wheels," our abstract club initials SSLB in the center, wings that sweep back like riding in the wind with the freedom of  motorcycles, and "Ride till you bone" being our club motto. The special thread colors give the 3-D effect when light plays games with reflection, the patch comes alive as light changes angles. 

The SSLB Wing Patch is a design for the future and an alternate to the bold Classic Skull Patch. The two large patches compliment each other in our family of patches. You should consider ride with both of them.