Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965







Members versions of what it means to be :

SS: - Silent Skulls
LB:  - Lone Biker

 Silent Skulls and Lone Bikers














This is the perfect club. This is all about the love of the open road and just to be free and not bothered with anyone or have to worry about them or stopping. Its your own pace and that is the best thing. You guys make it easy for us riders that don't want to be involved in some club with monthly dues or meetings and everything like that. Your club helps out people like myself that just want to ride and enjoy the wind and freedom of the road.


My definition is that someone that just gets on their bike and just goes does not have to follow any rules or regulations or anybody. They can make stops and go where ever when ever they please and that's how I am I don't want to worry about anything I get on my bike and just go I keep to myself on the road and at work nobody has to know anything. I ride at my own pace speed and go anywhere I want to go.



Silent skulls is the love of riding, not for a flag, not for a patch but for a love and freedom of the air in your face. The freedom to ride where and when you want without any prerequisites. To travel the country with bugs in your teeth and not care if you have some wingman besides you. Of course you still respect other bikers, you're not there for turf or bragging rights, just simply passing through. I live out of a back pack, I sleep in a hammock and my saddle bags are my trunk. I've lived like this for 4 years not because I have to but because I want to. My motorcycle has been my main source of transportation. To me the silent skulls is my personal promise to myself to keep on riding till I die, to show that you don't need a club to be a biker. Just to know how to work your bike if your break down. Jerry rig your clutch lever on till you make the next town, keep extra gallon of gas in your saddle bag and always know that you are a biker.



A biker who loves to ride. break the rules once in a while cuz it's harder to find one bike than a group. Never worry about a noise complaint cuz it's not a wave of bikes but one rogue wave coming through....too fast to counter. It's the wind in your face gliding through turns and cruising down the road like it's your own personal freeway because alone it is.


SS: A group dedicated to oneness. One-ness on the road, one-ness as a man. Respect for all especially the brotherhood of the road but never forsaking the freedom of choice. Thumbing your nose at the conformity and restriction others "clubs" maintain.

LB: Love the road, your ride and your inability to conform to club "riding rules" . Having the balls to ride alone and the pride that comes with it.

SS: It represents exactly everything I believe a biker and bike club should be. I strongly believe in every principle you've made the club to be. The great part is that personally, I don't have to change one thing about myself to be a Great representative for the club. It's my lifestyle, and exactly everything I've been waiting to find in a club.

LB: To freely ride on my terms. Which is mostly always by myself.

SS: A fraternity of lone riders is a brotherhood, not a club full of BS rules. You ride where you want, when you want and don't have to answer to anyone but yourself and the creed of the SSLB. I have been a lone rider for most of my riding life, and this is my choice, it is in my soul and you live by it

LB: I am the definition of a lone biker. You live by the rules of the road and the bikers protocol, it will keep you out of trouble most of the time. Sometimes its nice to ride with some brothers of like minds and hope to run into some Silent Skulls while on the back roads of the world. Ride alone till u bone

SS: Ride to ride. Doesn't matter what you ride as long as you ride. Wind in your face, miles clicking off beneath you. Brothers around every corner. It's not about a patch it's about the brotherhood of being alone

LB: A biker who knows why dogs love to ride with their head out the window

SS: Seems to be a bunch of guys that want to wrench/ride their bikes without the politics/attitudes and BS involved in old school clubs

LB: Someone like myself that finds that the relationship between the bike and the person is important. Making your bike yours. It's the riding that makes a biker, People that can't find the right fit, weather it be because of attitudes, politics. I live for the ride and wouldn't mind finding people who still believe in this. Anyone can walk into a dealer and plop down $20K and leave with a bike but it doesn't make them a biker

SS: A commitment to riding and living life the way you want to while having the sense of family at the same time being alone with your bike and the road

SS: True original bikers. Committed to the lifestyle but true to themselves.

LB: I've always been a lone biker. The love of my bike and my freedom comes before all else. I don't follow anyone's path through life other than my own. I do believe to each his own. But no one tells me when and where to ride. Ever. I respect everyone's choice in life as long as they respect mine.

SS A amazing finally a club that understands me and allows us to be our own men with our own freedom

LB: A man who loves the peace on the road and enjoys his freedom with no problems fees or hassles of other bikers

SS: A group of independent riders who love the road and have the ability to ride whenever, on whatever, and with whomever they choose, at any given time or no time at all.

LB: A rider who has no desire to fit into a club mentality, only the desire to ride. The road is the only limitation we have

SS: My interpretation of Silent Skulls is a brotherhood of lone bikers, a collection of bikers that do not need or want to conform to the traditional motorcycle club ways of life, and are at their happiest and most free when they ride alone, but whom still want to identify with a large group of like minded individuals.

LB: A lone biker is exactly what the title says. You ride alone, you don't identify with patched clubs, your love your motorcycle and you live for it. If you're not on your motorcycle you had better be dreaming of it, because that tow wheeled machine is your nirvana, and you ride it with a fierce passion. A lone biker needs no one beside themself to ride with, a lone biker just loves the fredom and fast pace of the two wheels lifestyle.

LB: It's about the ride alone, being able to throw the colors on or off as you choose and be at ease for the ride however you want it.

SS: An affiliation of bikers who love to ride alone. Having respect for other bikers, but no desire to come together in the typical club environment of organized rides, pot lucks, fund raisers, politics, hierarchy or status. An association of like minded individuals, in the truest sense.

LB: I love to ride maybe even live to ride, at times, And I have always ridden alone. I like to talk with other bikers when I stop and never hesitate to help out a fellow biker in need. But I have no interest in riding with others. I ride with the bike listening to and to some extent, becoming one with the machine. I ride wherever the bike goes and prefer to stay away from other groups of riders. I want to see where the road goes, find out what's around the bend. I love to be alone with my thoughts, the feel of the bike, the feel of the wind. My wife ask if I'm likely headed north or south and I reply "Yes probably." That's how I like to plan a ride. I'll know when I get there. I think I'm a lone biker.

LB: One who rides alone to no where with no time to get anywhere you want when you want

SS: Good bikers, respect of bikes, open roads and open minds. Going the distance

LB: I am an entire MC, I ride alone, I hardly stop, I don't meet up at cafes or bars, I love my bike I love riding, I try to perfect I am friendly yet keep away from group rides.

SS: An MC that respects and endorses an individuals right to ride when and what he wants without any confining structure.

LB: One who, at a moments notice, decides to go on a week long ride just because he feels like it. Someone who rides on his own schedule and no one else's.

SS: A group of bike riders who want to make a public affirmation that they love to ride alone and without club rules and restrictions. They respect other bikers rights to ride with a club or alone as they so chose.

LB: One who does not need companions or club rules and restrictions to ride. He loves the personal freedom that the bike and open road provide when he rides alone.

SS: A cool motorcycle club in which I don't have to be bothered with monthly meetings and all the other BS that comes with a regular club. Plus, I love the skull patch.

LB: Lone biker is what I am. I put on over 400,000 miles on two wheels most of that was while riding alone. Been to most every state in the union. I love motorcycling.

SS: Focus on riding and all the wonderful things and people you come by while riding.

LB: A person who are independent, and ride his own ways, not bothering other riders.

SS: The Silent Skull represent to me what "Biker-hood" is truly about riding and being able to do so without other peoples influencing with who, how and what you ride. The Silent Skulls is true freedom with brotherhood. The Silent to me says that I don't need to talk about riding, I just go and ride. The Skull to me represents the way I ride, hard and fast knowing death is every present just because of the way I ride.

LB: A lone biker knows who he is. He is a biker. He knows that many have their stereotypes and conditions about what a biker ought to look like, dress like and act like, but the lone biker does not worry about "others" definition of who is a biker, but knows that he is a biker regardless of what the masses may say. A lone biker follows no one on the open road, but will ride with any who wants to ride with him. A lone biker's thoughts are always on the next ride when the current ride ends. The lone biker is confident in his skills to ride alone and feels comfortable with this solitude. When the lone biker rides, he rides for the love of going where he wants, when he wants and who he wants. Even in a crowd, a lone biker is still alone.

SS: Riding your own path. Not riding to fit into a group but riding because it's who you are.

LB: Living by a set of rules not defined by a group

SS: That riding is the connection. Not laws or rules. Just the deep connection of the freedom of the open road among all of us.

LB: A biker that is a biker for the right reason. One that loves to ride but not be judge by a club. One that doesn't need an organized club to be accepted. One who truly believes that the open road is a freedom and doesn't need a club to define them.

SS: Silent Skulls is a non traditional brother hood of lone freedom riders on two wheels who exercise the freedom of choice not to lead or follow. Simply put a fellowship of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the company of just themselves when they hit the road.

LB: "Me".

SS: It's a symbol for what I am. A lone rider who think that freedom on the road comes before riding in a line after spending 6 months serving coffee to a dude who thinks he was god 's gift to the world.

LB: A lone biker is a biker like me. Friendly to all, respect everyone and work on making a good example on how a biker can be.

SS: To be somebody alone in a group and still be free.

LB: To go free where bikers just go.



Silent Skulls: many bikers with one voice, the silent voice.
Lone bikers: the bikers who choose to ride alone until meet on the cross roads.

Silent Skulls: to be heard when not speaking.
Lone Bikers: to ride hard, ride far, and enjoy the ride alone.

Silent Skulls: freedom of choice and freedom of identity.
Lone Bikers: free spirits, the love riding independently, but still feeling the camaraderie when riding

Silent Skull Lone Biker: I ride my path because it makes me who I am.

Silent Skulls: at peace within oneself.
Lone Bikers: riding alone together as one.      

Silent Skulls Lone Bikers: We are all different, unique in our own ways. We see others through hollow     sockets and do not pass judgment or voice opinions. Rather we honor what unites us as Skulls and respects how we choose to be unique. We lone bikers ride on as the sole witness to the roads we travel. We are the untold story, the unsung song and the unseen image of independence and chosen anonymity.

Lone Biker- ride on my own terms.

Lone Bikers have the solitude of being alone yet knowing there is a tie that binds us together as brothers and sisters on the road.

We are bone headed, going to ride without all the rules and regulations set forth by clubs or associations.  "Silent in the fact that our riding does the talking."

Lone Bikers are those who ride alone with pride.

Lone Bikers are having the feel of the road without an audience.

Opinions and attitudes kept to ourselves. Living by personal rules but not defined by others.

Lone Bikers are people who care more when they ride than what they ride.

Silent Skulls is a group for riders that don't want belong to a group.

Lone Bikers are the ones who are not afraid to turn left when everyone else turns right.

Silent Skulls is a club for all types of bikers: bikers have always been loners sort of. 

Lone bikers love to ride "free" and look "hard".  

The symbol of danger and rebellion, the skull has been a foreboding image for millennia. It is prevalent in the motorcycling outlaw sub-culture. That culture grew out of a love of motorcycles and the adventure of the open road. "Silent Skulls" should represent those original ideals. Nothing more, nothing less. Lone Biker's involvement with his motorcycle is an integral part of his life, not a "life style". It isn't how he dresses, what or how much he rides that gives him credibility. It is that he rides with a genuine enthusiasm for the biking experience, and whatever he perceives it to be.

Silent Skull Lone Bikers feel as power as a group, but can go it alone.    

We are all bikers with no discrimination who are willing to ride alone or with others.    

Silent Skulls is no rules, no meetings, no bullshit. A Lone biker has total freedom to ride with who, how and where he chooses.   

Sound of mind. Peace of soul. The one who calmly mounts his ride to pass his day freely on a long silent road.

'Silent Skull' is the peace you have inside yourself when you ride with nobody and no distraction. You can relax with the sound of the bike and the feel of the wind.

Beware of the strong silent type who is by himself on a long lonely highway.   

We are seasoned skilled riders, quiet dignity. We don't need company to have a good time on our bikes, just good tires and a tank of gas.

Silent Skulls are the deadly unknown. We don't need anyone to tell us what kind of bad ass to be...We have it figured out on our own.

We are friendly bikers with tough road skills. We don't brag, hot rod or have an attitude to show off our skulls. We are a group of skilled bikers who ride alone outside structured clubs and away from club politics.

Silent Skulls can be taken as a twist on "Dead men tell no tales." A lone biker is someone who is not a pack animal.

We ride while listening to and feeling ones environment. We see it, hear it, smell it but don't talk about it. We cruse the open road me and my bike, you and yours. Never leading or following.

Under the skin we are all Silent Skulls, but only some of us know this and few of us wear the patch. Death is our constant companion on motorcycles but not to be feared. We ride on the edge, looking in, looking out. Silent Skulls remind us that we are all equal tourists just passing through this lifetime. In life, we watch and ride on, always on the alert for our fellow lone bikers.

Folks who simply enjoy the bike and ride itself. Bikers who are on their own schedules in life.

Silent Skulls give freedom to me and only me. Being alone, sworn to fun and loyal to none. We are a loosely connected group of bikers and at the same time a solid bond of brotherhood.

We are a club that stands on our own merits, "un-stacked." We don't feel a need for gang influences.

Silent Skulls live and ride by example, not talk. We represent freedom of choice and freedom of identity.

We are bikers that are content with ourselves and don't always have to be talking to convince ourselves or others that we are there. We choose our own path on the road and in life.

We are motorcycle riders who share experiences and likes of an enjoyed freedom. We aren't caught up as an image but enjoy a simple pleasure.

Silent Skulls are bikers who aren't about anything in particular (mold, image, political etc.) We are lone bikers who are independent, "to each their own," sometimes ride with others sometimes ride alone.

Riding alone let me remember friends lost on the road and lets me think of the dangers of death on a bike that is always just around the corner. On the road it is beautiful, you are never really alone on a bike. The machine is my partner. The freedom to go and stop at will. The freedom to meet other people at your stops is special. Nights alone in the mountains alone is a wonderful experience. Riding alone is much safer.

Silent Skulls to me is riding together or riding alone. It is the same as seeing someone for the first time or seeing them all the time. It is all in the feeling of the bike you enjoy riding. For each biker, the enjoyment may be a different make or model, a different seat or different handle bar. It is whatever you feel you want or can afford.  You don't have to look like a bad ass or act different around different people. You can be you and like who you are and what you ride for.
A lone biker can ride with the group or ride by himself. I don't have to watch my back because I'm just a brother who loves to ride like everyone else. The need to feel free riding across the country seeing new places, meeting new faces. No problems, no worries. A lone biker ya that's me.

We are a group of single bikers who represent dignity, honor and respect with a dash of mystery and modesty. The lone biker is the embodiment of the spirit of riding a two-wheel machine across the back roads of the world.

We enjoy that quiet feeling inside when it is just us alone. The lone biker experiences that rare peacefulness found in motorcycling.

Silent Skulls are bad ass in our own way but do not have to say so. We are that lone bikers who walk in the room with it just swinging in the breeze and say nothing. We don't need to be in a group to swing or be cool. We are cool alone and silent.

We are "Bad" in that it is biker good. We don't show it or make a lot of noise about it. We are bikers who don't need numbers to enjoy the lifestyle of motorcycles.

Silent Skulls Lone Bikers think first and then talk. We ride when we want, where we want, and what we want.

The skull or "Death Head" symbolizes a conscious decision to stop going in one direction and go in another. Such as choosing good over evil, lawful instead of lawlessness. etc.  "The silence is deafening," sometimes the loudest sound around is the silence of one person in a group of many. "Silent Skulls " says it it's unique loud way "Hey, a decision or a choice has been made.
The lone bikes are individuals who subscribe or believe in a certain lifestyle and purpose of that lifestyle. A purpose up to their individual level of comfort. They are bikers do not subscribe to the "club mentality" not believing in the necessity of any organization with the peculiar requirements and rituals which one must participate in in order to belong. Lone bikers are motorcyclist who enjoys the camaraderie of other motorcyclist from time to time, but does not require it in order to find self worth and meaning.

Silent Skulls as an organization of individual riders (that is, after all, the only criterion for membership) keeping to ourselves is what we do best. Our silence is our voice. As an organization of loners, preferring our own company to that of a group, we control our own destinies, ride the roads we choose and follow our own paths without having to concern ourselves with what others may think or say. We take care of our families, our selves, our bikes and our bros, while not having to conform to the views, opinions, codes and ridiculous typecasting common to more cohesive groups.

The symbolism of the word "Silent" when applied to a body of bikers, such as a club, could be approached from many angles. Each view gives it's own interpretation to the person doing the viewing. When combined with the Skull the meaning applied to "Silent" becomes narrow but only in the abstract. From medieval times to contemporary times the skull has been a symbol descriptive but elusive. For me personally the message delivered by the "Silent Skulls" is the quality of silence combined with the rich tradition of "The Brotherhood." As with the 18th century pirates the modern day biker, regardless of his daily walk, is a person of code, tradition, and a value system not found in other facets of most of our communities today.
I joined Silent Skulls after reading the club statement, philosophy and creed. I found all of it fascinating and fitting to my personal situation. It seems I had a void for membership in a club, be it vanity or chivalrous tendencies would fill, that void. One might ask what is brotherhood without brothers? 

We are bikers who seem to know things but stays silent. We don't ride with a pack.

My version of Silent Skulls is: "Hell I don't know!!! Paid the member money and want to shut up??? All this thinking is one to many head jobs for me!!! But look at our insignia, that is who I am."

We are a group of bikers alone who move around too much or not enough time to put into a traditional club. We have no attitude about motorcycles, just love um. 

Our club gives the opportunity to bikers to belong to a club or not. No matter what we ride, where we live, or what we believe. A lot of bikers would like to belong to a club. But due to rules of individual clubs, they don't fit into certain categories. Silent Skulls seems to overlook who you are, what you ride and give people a opportunity not found anywhere else. As a lone biker, I ride alone but enjoy the biking world. I like to ride alone for a lot of reasons, but that doesn't mean I don't like other bikers. I always stop when I see others, lend a hand at rallies, parties, whatever, but still consider myself a lone biker, only because I don't belong to a club, or do I?

Being a Silent Skull is belonging to a club or brotherhood but also remaining true to yourself and your beliefs. A lone biker prefers to ride alone but doesn't mind riding with others once in a while. 

The ultimate symbol of having been there and done that. One who enjoys being one with the machine, the road, the wind.

Silent Skulls represents the "biker image" in a positive light. The skull is a powerful image but the "Silent Skull" biker is mellow in his/her power. As a lone biker, we often choose to ride alone because we truly understand the relationship between man/woman and machine and the road. Lone riding brings inner peace.

Silent Skulls all ride alone inside our heads. Lone bikers are those bikers always on the edge, riding with others or alone.

We are self-reliant bikers that enjoy the freedom of letting the road take us where it may. We are lone bikers that share the common bond of enjoying the open road on our bikers without the restrictions of group rides and hassles created by the structure of many other motorcycle clubs.

Being able to say something without having to be loud, We have the opportunity to ride alone and feel as if we belong.

Silent Skulls are riders not looking for publicity. We are lone bikers who don't conform to club rules.

We are riders whose common interest is riding, period! We are lone bikers who enjoy the thrill of any ride and value it over belonging to a group.

Silent Skulls is not bullshit bonehead who go our own way.

Riding anonymous without waiting for others to get ready.

We are a group of bikers that ties anonymous brothers and sisters together. A group of many lone bikers that choose to ride alone.

Silent Skulls make no noise but leave us alone, we are "Sin Fein" (ourselves alone).

Those that say the last say the most, lone bikers who ride alone but are never lonely.

Bone heads who can keep their mouths shut and lone bikers who don't belong to the "normal" pack.

What we say or do stay with us. A biker who takes care of his own.

Bikers who love to ride and look "hard" with no commitments or illegal activities that may keep us from riding. It is freedom to ride on my own. Riding what "I" want to ride. 

Free spirits, the love of riding and feeling as powerful as a group but can go it alone.

Don't bother me and I won't bother you. Gone and go where I want to when I want to.

We are the silent heroes of the road, we who dare to be ourselves.

A symbol of danger and rebellion, the skull has been a foreboding image for millennia. It is prevalent in the motorcycle outlaw- sub-culture. That culture grew out of a love for motorcycles and the adventure of the open road. Silent Skulls should represent those original ideals. Nothing more, nothing less. As a lone biker, we are owner/riders whose involvement with their motorcycles is an integral part of their life, not lifestyle. It isn't how you dress, what or how much you ride that gives credibility. It is that you ride and have a genuine enthusiasm for the biking experience, whatever you perceive it to be.

Being a lone biker is riding without waiting for others to get ready.  Being a Silent Skull means ANONYMITY.     

I believe that "silent" does not refer to the absence of notice or speech. Instead, "silent" in this case means to pass unnoticed lake a silent ship that passes in the night. The word "skull" has often been used in poetry and art as a symbol for a man or mankind. Thus, "Silent Skulls" are those men who do not have the need to draw attention to themselves, to be the center of attention at all times. They are bikers secure enough with themselves to go unnoticed.

"Lone Biker" is more than just a solitary rider on a lonely country road. The "lone biker" is a way of life on and off the bike. Lone bikers are    independent  thinkers. They do not need to surround themselves with superficial friends not do they buy into the latest trends. Lone bikers have no need for external validation. Lone bikers always respect the rights of others whether or not they share his/her view because, to a lone biker, the next best thing to a solitary ride is the exchange of free ideas and new thoughts to ponder on the next ride.

A group of biker enthusiast who would like to join a club, but don't want to be bound to it. Lone bikers are people who are always yearning to ride whether they have company or not.

Finally a home to come home to! Like a wind walker on the clouds. 

A club for individual lone bikers who enjoy the freedom of the road.

People who want to ride their bikes and enjoy life in the glory of by themselves.

Silent: we don't have to be loud to be bikers! Skulls: The face of my body that tells me I must ride! Lone: those who love to ride and don't have to be in a group to enjoy riding, but welcome other bikers to ride along.

Silence, bikers that blend into the environment and don't judge other bikers, just enjoy riding with them.

We don't talk about it, we do it! We ride alone because there's road, whether or not others join as.

Lone bikers sticking together, People who are brave enough to ride alone without a club.

A club for the lone rider (me). A biker with no affiliation, just likes to ride!

People who don't talk about bullshit. Lone bikers that ride there bikes all the time.

Bikers who are not loudmouths, lone bikers who don't have to put up with a bunch of bullshit rules in a club and not have to get to a bunch of meetings instead of rid!

Silent Skulls are lone bikers the way I like it, And ride with every one on a bike.

Bikers who are quiet solitude individuals and doing their thing alone.

Silent Skulls: The primary abstraction of the "Skull" to me would be that of a pirate. A pirate being one who is a rebel, outcast, or a loner. The "Silent" speaks for it's self. Some who clam to be the "bad ass" rebel in most cases turn out to be whiners. They piss an moan about what they don't have and what others won't give them. So to sum up, Silent Skulls, a modern day pirate dependent on no one for company. Not caring if anyone else is along for the ride, and not feeling as he or she is missing something by not having company. However, the end of the day if a brother or sister shows up, there will always be room around the fire.

"Lone Bikers and Silent Skulls" are synonymous. However, I can expand   on "lone bikers" I am of the mind that everyone that rides has a place on the road. I'm a Harley man but I don't down anyone that rides. If you ride you're a distinctive individual and you should get proper respect. Now if you're a "Lone Biker" you don't look for and don't expect the pat on the back or the "Oh man your so cool cause you ride" crap that so many Bros seem to thrive on. You will put something on your scooter cause it needs it to run, or the old one broke or you just want to! None of this crap of everyone is doing it or buying it so will I, that's B.S. It might be a good time to fallow a crowd to the pub but if you got obligations or responsibilities you take care of business and don't care what the Bros might think.

Again to sum up: I will take care of my own, I will never let my family down and I will never turn my back on a Bro. However, when I am ready to ride, jump on your scooter or get the hell out of my way cause I'm gone!!!! 

We accept all bikers and lone bikers, We are people who want to truly ride free.

Bikers with a support brotherhood who ride alone with open attitude toward all other clubs and motorcycles other than HD.

Bone heads who can keep their mouths shut and riders who don't belong to the "normal" pack.

Unspoken opinion of those with the same mind. The right to ride without interference of others if we wish.

Those that say the least, say the most! Motorcycle riders "alone" but are never lonely.

A biker club that is about riding no local sporting only on one type of bike (HD). Lone bikers who are fearless soldiers that can stand alone or be part of an army.

We make no noise but leave us alone! "Sin Fein" (ourselves alone).

A club that ties anonymous brothers and sisters together, Lone biker group of many that choose to ride alone.

Quite Riding, no or low dialogue. Riding alone saves time.

To be alone together. Bikers who ride by themselves but not alone and leave other people in their values.

Buncho' loners who want to be affiliated with each other while a lone rider.

What we say or do stay with us. Bikers who take care of their own.

Different and me!

Just what I am looking for! And a lone biker I am.

Bikers who prefer their own company to that of others.

Bikers who are independence and freedom, to ride and think as we choose, Lone bikers who want to be left alone, not penned down to rules but be free.

Low profile acknowledgement of the independent ride! Lone bikers independent rider's who don't need a group to enjoy the wind.

To be a Silent Skull is a choice to be anonymous! A lone biker is one who rides without waiting for others to get ready.




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