Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965















To all Skull families:
Changing Gears, stepping in another Biking Year, Still proud, still A Lone Biker, Anonymous brotherhood For Ever, A very happy holiday to all Skull families. A great 2005 biking season.......A lot off Free time and a save ride Home,
FSSF/sslb Danny in Belgium

I did receive the membership kit today, thank you for the warm welcome in a like minded Lone Biker family. A club philosophy based on written down words straight from the heart and the result of true camaraderie from nomadic lone biker buddies, no obligations, no chains attached and always that good feeling when we cross on the roads. I wish all Skull families the very best for this new year.  

The hat is in  never seen quality !!!! Ride free!
sslb Danny

Hello SSLB Richard and all the Skulls, 
You are so right that we all assume the risk and there will unfortunately be other skulls that have accidents. Be they greater or lesser accidents than mine, being Skulls we are part of a worldwide brotherhood that understands the danger. I have received a lot of email and encouragement from Skull bikers around the world and want to thank each and every one of you. I can tell you it really helps the healing process.
Thanks Again! 
SSLB Larry

Hello SSLB Larry,
We are sorry to hear about your horrible accident, and we are glad you are still with us. Thank God! It seemed like a night in hell, that is the down side of motorcycles that all of us bikers fear the most. Probably all of us vividly remember the close calls and thanking God it wasn't our time. Unfortunately, with all of us bikers on the road more and more it is going to be time for one of us more often than not. We wish you quick recovery  and prayers from all us Skulls. Most importantly, having this conversation is the best outcome instead of not. I had been there and it was difficult to get back in the saddle for years. It seems the worst happens to us on motorcycles because that is the dangerous risk of riding an open machine with so little protection yet we accept that and still take that risk for the freedom motorcycles brings us. Unfortunately as bikers take to the road in greater numbers, your situation is going to happen to us more often than we want. Brother, don't feel alone one of us is right behind you whether we like it or not, that is the curse of motorcycles.
sslb Richard in CA, USA

All bros/sisters,
I don't mail you guys often but when I do I always look forward to the reply. I've been with the skulls for about 9 months or so now and it is truly an honor to belong to such a unique group of bikers. Whenever I can I wear my colors, even when I'm not riding.
2003 is almost done and 2004 is almost upon us.  At this otherwise happy time of year I reflect upon the misfortunes of bro Grizzly and think of him often. If we have nothing else we have each other, and in our anonymity we are secured in the knowledge that others who care are out there somewhere.  That we may never meet is not important, given that we are by definition Lone Bikers.
So I send you greetings from the other side of the big pond, from a small island where we are but few among the many.  Best wishes to all bros and sisters for 2004.  May their roads be smooth and generously curved.  May their riding be free of hassle.
Respect, sslb Collector in UK

This e-mail goes out to all my brothers, sisters and their family have been hit with four major hurricanes in a time of only six weeks the last two in a time frame of  two weeks apart. I hope everyone and there families are OK and safe.
sslb Jimmy POOH BEAR in Fl, USA

I received my items about 4 weeks ago.  I got everything sewed on. and hit the road just about everyday wearing my patch.   I get a lot of vehicles honking and waving at me as I cruised down the highways.  It feels great being a member of SSLBs.  I will do my best to be a good member of SSLBs.   I've been riding for about 38 of my 54 yrs being here.   I enjoy the freedom of the  open highways and the back roads. I just ride and feel great inside of myself.  wearing this patch makes me feel even better now.  Enjoy the freedom and ride safe my fellow brothers and sisters. 
SSLB Tonto, in AZ
., USA

Hey Bros,
I've been riding for a little more than two years now as a Silent Skull. I wear my colors everywhere I go and I'm damn proud to do so!! Been to Atlantic City, NJ and down to Florida, Wis, Iowa  and so on, and have not had any issue with our colors. I live in an area where there are the Outlaws and the Hells Angels/Nomads, and I still no problem so far. I do try and respect their areas as much as possible. I have no problems with the police either. All take care and ride free, but ride safe... Hey you must check out
SSLB Drifter

Just writing to see how  I would get something on the board about Sturgis. It's about that time again to get ready for the big trip. 
Just wondering if any of the bro are going to Sturgis? So if anybody would like to meet up check my e-mail and give me a shout or all see you there, ride smart and safe .
sslb Polock in WI, USA
My Indian  had cut out on me  and trying to find a solution   do  any of the bros  have an  Indian Chief  with a  S&S Motor  if so   maybe  they would be willing to help   My headlights  had been  a tad bit brighter  that normal  so  I am  thinking it could be an electrical problem. But considering this is my first  motorcycle.   Hey  I am just a lady  trying to figure it out, considering it did not come with MOM .  Could  this be an ignition  or  electrical problem.  I checked the power and  it does  have power from the  electric start  button. Had to push start and pop the clutch  to get him Chief 'Male' home . Any advice would be deeply appreciated.  

Hi Bros.,
It's been a while since I wrote y'all, I've been recovering with some bumps and bruises, the Yamaha I had met with a tragic ending thanks to a cage that turned left. so after a week in the hospital, and some time at home.  I'M BACK IN THE WIND. Thanks to my wife Tammy (boo-boo) for helping me get out of her hair and back in the wind!!!!!!

sslb James (pooh bear)

I got the membership package, must say it was kick ass proud to be a SSLB. The patch will bring others, take it easy and ride it like you borrowed it.
sslb jimmy

The weather here South Africa is absolutely perfect for riding. Our summer normally starts in December and lasts until May, with the odd wet days in between. We have been suffering a semi-drought which is bad for farmers but good for bikers. We have our own Route 66 here called, Route 62. for those who are interested. Keep your knees to the breeze and the shiny side up. 
SSLB Lightbulb in Africa

The website background and titles look damn good. Makes everything stand out more and "grab-ya" like. Good job man, keep up the great work.

Got my rag shop shit in the mail today. Great stuff, great service. I will always be proud to fly my colors. I always will.
sslb jimmy zero

Thanks a lot for your response, I actually received the package a few days ago.  I am honored to be part of the skull family, and will responsibly uphold the tradition of the silent skull.  Thanks alot, I don't think I'll ever go out without my patch!
SSLB Aaron

I like the new website background.
SSLB Highway

My package arrived today and I really like it. I enjoy doing' stuff on my pc (when I'm not riding) and I remember something about the club asking if I would be willing to submit stories or do some other things. I'll like to help if I can, what could I do to help out? How could I talk to some other members? I think I'm gonna put the stickers on my helmet and bike and go for a ride......Vroom, vroom, in the cyberwind.....SSLB Don

Yes I've got the patches etc, great quality.  The web site pictures  do not do them justice. They  took 4 hours to sew on me denim, glad I didn't put them on me leather. The big questions answer, GOOD , nothings changed! I will be ordering from the Rag Shop soon. I've made my " CHOICE  ". I got to go, my wheels are calling. RIDE FREE!

Hello Silent Skulls, normally I am not in a hurry for my members packet stuff but I'm having a small harassment problem from my ass hole digger supervisor at work and I  would like him to get the message to! I think showing up at work wearing the "Club shit" soon would help things, if ya know what I mean! So hurry! Please! Thanks! Take it easy and if you can't take it easy, take it anyway you can!

I like our club attitude that everyone who rides has a share of the road. I am a Harley man and I don't spit on anyone who rides whatever bike they like or can afford. All us bikers ride as distinctive individuals and we should give each other proper respect for all being one of a kind biker. For us Silent Skulls Lone Bikers, we don't look for and don't expect recognition or the cool comments that so many other bikers thrive on because we are lone bikers and we know that is as cool at it gets.

Just want to let you know my membership kit made it across the pond. Wow! Excellent quality stuff and great information about the club. I am off to the seamstress to get the big patch sewn on my leather vest today.

Things are looking good! I get lots of attention when I ride with my skull patch on my jacket and T-shirt. Keep the rubber side down and remember that it is not the's the ride!

I'm letting you know that I got my order on the 20th of April. They look good and all were received. All other patches were sewing on leather vest and they look great. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Respectively
sslb Ken

...... It came , a box full of the things ,very cool things. I love them. Thank you very much. I've been alone for a long time ,and I will be alone for life. I know I've been a Skull for 20 years, now everyone will know when they see my colors. Ride hard! Ride alone!

We have just received your package. All very good quality. My husband is over the moon as he has saved up for ages to join. It's just the sort of biker association that is right for us. I am sure he will email you tonight. Personally I can't wait to get some merchandise myself. Thanks again a silent skulls member by proxy.
Wife of sslb Snaketwat, UK

I know many of our members are also Vets. Please check out this organization
of riders . I joined just the other day and intend to wear my Skulls colors if called upon to attend a fallen military member's funeral.
sslb Stormy


Man, what a riding year I've had!!  Trip to Vegas and back (4,127 mi), Daytona and back (2,800 mi), Pa and back (2,450 mi).  This doesn't include the 16,000 mi I logged just cruising and taking weekend rides.  Wore my patch the whole time, only had one or two instances of any hassle and it was by the Outlaws MC.  Hell, I'm fifty four years old and I could care less.  I ride for me and only me.  Keep in touch Skulls, Merry Christmas.

Just logged on for my daily site perusal and noticed that the counter has clicked over the 100,000 mark.  Cool, huh?
Merry Christmas to all
sslb Collector, UK
Thanks! I'm glad you like it, but I am not in this to look cool or be a badass nor do I look for trouble in other words I'll just put the bottom rocker on the wall and enjoy my riding. Well,  thanks for getting back to me so soon and to all the SSLB brothers and sisters have a happy and fun Thanksgiving.

Greetings SSLB's, I've got my patch today and am damn proud. I will wear it with pride. I've ridden alone most always and think I've finally found a niche for that sense of belonging that I seemed to want for. Thanks for the opportunity, and if we should meet, great; if not, oh well. 
SSLB Terryfied

Thanks for the SKULL Listings! Good to hear from other members and chat over the internet. 
SSLB Drifter

I just wanted to drop a line to let the SKULL brothers to know that if your are coming up for the Harley Davidson 100th please contact me via e-mail It will be a great time and a great ride good food and one great bon fire!!!
SSLB Polock

To me a traditional club means: Getting off work after a stressful day at work and having to go to a club meeting to discuss the next ride, you know stuff like where to go, who will lead, who will ride along side of who, where will we stop first, what time will we all eat. But to me being a Silent Skull is after a stressful day is getting on my motorcycle and the biggest decision I have to make is at the end of the road should I turn left or turn right and NEVER regret the choice to turn either way.
SSLB James

I received the kit and everything looks great, I had to wait until the next day to put the colors on my vest but they look great and I am very proud to fly them. I would like to thank you for my acceptance into SSLBs family it means a great deal to me. I hope to see some of the bro's at Sturgis this year.  Well keep the tires on the road and the wind in your face and enjoy the ride.
SSLB Wayne

Hey Bros,
Fan-****tastic!  Got the pack today and 'WOW', was I impressed.  Great patch, great pin, but most of all, great philosophy.  Bros, I'm 51and I've always loved bikes of all descriptions. By the way, my 23 year-old daughter was well impressed with the SSLBs kit and wants to know why you don't have a kit for passengers.  I pointed out that lone riders by definition ride alone.  Doh! When I can borrow a digital camera I'll send you a pic.  In the meantime, thanks for accepting my membership application.  It is a great privilege to belong.
sslb Graham 'Collector'.

Hey all brothers,
I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate the support you have shown for me and my fellow Skulls/Troops over here in the Gulf. It has been a long 7 months but as I see it, it is for a good reason. I only hope that it is over soon. Been talking about letting us head back home in the next month or so. I am so stoked to get out and hit the road for two weeks vacation time. Got the new Road King just sitting at the dealer waiting for me to pick it up. Anyone want to take a trip? I am in Mississippi and have no specific destination just the urge to get out. A few of my friends in the service were wondering about my membership package you sent so I referred them to this site.  Be safe, ride free and remember: We in the Military, cover us all with the blanket of freedom so we can sleep safe at night and ride free!!!
SSLB Jim "Grizzly", 4/9/2003.

Received my membership kit today. Thanks..... I am honored to be chosen as the newest member to represent our family 'SSLBs'.
sslb Norman "Lonewolf"

I will agree that the move to discontinue the Bulletin Board is probably the most sound decision to make.  I will always abide by the Club Creed and philosophy and ride/conduct myself with pride, honor and neutrality for all others on the road.  I will survive as a Silent Skull and enjoy the Lone Biker organization for as long as I am able to stay on two wheels - free in the wind, without 'Club Rules/Chapters/Officers' to dictate the direction I travel.  I am what the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Club Creed is all about and am proud to serve in whatever manner necessary to uphold that which makes our brotherhood/sisterhood/ bikerhood so unique and enduring.  Ride on, my brothers - may we meet at crossroads in our future and enjoy the companionship that only a Silent Skull Lone Bikers truly understand. Ride safe, ride sane, but ride......
sslb C' Cruise

Yeah, about the Bulletin Board, only a few used it.  Wasn't one of them. Wuz fun to read tho.  Hope you'll put up a page of e-mail addresses for people who don't mind being contacted.
sslb Leather Wolf


Keep up the good work, it is being appreciated by the Silent Skulls all over the world. I believe we all understand that this is not a full service 24/7 organization!
sslb Bru

Thanks so much for posting the pics of LUCY & LOLA, I am grateful to your effort. You are doing an excellent job. Taking care of All that you do must be an enormous feat of love, and or absolute madness. As a SILENT SKULL, it is my honor to be a member of this club, I've run on the dark side, its good to be right where I am at today.

Wife and I just returned from 3,500 mile vacation ride of southwest (America). Proudly wore my SSLB colors every mile with no problems, indeed, everywhere we stopped, people were friendly and we were never at a loss for company. In 38 years of riding, this was our best trip ever!
SSLB Stormy 

Just to let you know I received my package today so the tale has a happy ending !!!!! I'm well pleased with everything you have sent me and look forward to a lifetime of riding as a member of our lone brotherhood.
SSLB Steve 

I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to be a Silent Skull. I have not worn any club's colors for a long time and I almost stopped riding (but I couldn't) after my affiliation and subsequent disgust with the Dark Side. My Wife was very surprised that I chose to join up with SSLB after all these years of being silent and riding alone. But now... she is very happy that I have joined up with a group of individuals that believes in the same kind of things that I have always believed in. Everything that SSLB does makes a lot of sense and our Club's longevity speaks for itself. Silent Skulls are good people. All I want to do right now is to add value to this place that we all share and to RIDE forever... Respecting everyone in an assertive and honorable way. Live life and give something back whenever possible.
SSLB Wolfman 

I must say that I like our Club a lot. It is the perfect Club for Lone Bikers who don't fit in anywhere else.  And of course new, prospective members of the SSLB should be true Lone Bikers who understand how to confidently and deliberately go the distance alone. More important than ever that we all ride smart and well. I am proud to be a member. Thank you for opening up your private society to the World of Lone Bikers. All of us have always ridden together, alone. The Club just in formalizes things among our group. Warm regards to you all, and ride safe and free.
sslb Glider

I have just received everything you sent. I was very pleased with the quality of the patches and club pin. I took it down today to have the patches put on my vest. I will tell you the truth I am not much for joining things. The last time I did was when I joined the Army, because of that I have more steel in me than what was used to build my bike...LOL. I am very proud to be a sslb. Even my wife who was not very keen on me joining has to admit that this club is me. It has been a long time since I have got this excitement over anything. Thanks again and hope to send you and all the bros. plenty of pics soon.
sslb Bill

I'm... for about 4 month... member of the Skull family now.
I'm glad that I join the club. Have a lot of mail contact with the Skulls. In June I am going to meet a fellow Skull from the USA, here in Holland. He is coming for a few days here to Europe. We will meet in a pub in the red light district Amsterdam. (is not my idea I hate that part of the city...AHUM). Hope you all doing well there, the bike season is open here in Holland so.....WAKE UP NEIGHBORS......
SSLB Bull 

I am going on the "Cycle World Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix Tour" at the end of May. Heeeeehaaawwwww!! Needless to say I am very excited about this! I should get some good pics to share with you guys.

I received my package over the weekend... Thanks! Got my vest patch on yesterday and we would get the millennium patch sewn on sometime soon (great looking patch). I will wear both patches proudly and I understand the words in the Welcome package. Enjoyed reading about some of our history too. I believe in what we stand for and I have always had strong beliefs... I will not disrespect the 90% Skulls or the 10% Skulls. Everyone should have their own choice. That's why we ride anyway. FREEDOM. I ride a Harley and that is the ride that I prefer. But I respect everyone else's choices too. I appreciate the opportunity to "ride alone together".....   
Ride Safe, Ride Free...

SSLB Toby 'Wolfman'

Hey Bros'
I received the membership package today. 
MAN, IT'S GREAT !!!!!! Finally it's done, I was already a Lone Biker, and now I'm an official Silent Skull. I don't have the feeling anymore that I'm a lone biker. There are many many more like me, and that's a good feeling, man! I'm damned proud to wear the color, and tell the people here in Holland what a great club this is. Keep on the good work and ride on.
SSLB Peter 

Silent Skulls Lone Bikers Club is a club without the politics and just enjoys riding. A club that says, "It's alright to ride alone as you choose."
SSLB Jason 

It is great to find a club for us lone riders. This is a hell of a lot better than attending club meetings or following club rules. It will be my privilege to represent the SSLB in Alabama. Whenever I want to ride, I go to ride alone!
SSLB GhostRider

I have been on rides with 500 to 800 bikers, I found myself just one of many in the crowd. I have been riding alone mostly, and I find myself in peace. Riding in the wind, alone to go in my own direction.

Silent Skull China #61500 has rode away from us with his front wheel and wings to the sky. China  rode for 31 years both street/road riding. He left us on a HD Panhead. We hope he will ride forever in his next life, along with other members who have also left us. Who knows? Membership may be more than lifetime, may be for eternity.  He really enjoyed being a part of  Silent  Skulls, and wore his colors proudly everywhere. 

My wife and I are fairly new members. I mainly wanted ya'll to know that we are very proud to be SSLB members. We have already taken one trip with our patches on. We went from Tyler TX to Sea Rim State Park and back in one day, a total of 504 miles. We got more stares and more comments on the SSLB patches that one day than we ever did wearing our Southern Cruisers patch. I also wanted to say that I think my wife may be more proud of SSLB than I am because I only wear my vest with patch when we ride 50 or more miles but my wife wears hers every night going to work. She is a dispatcher at the police dept. And one night an officer was behind her going to PD because his shift was about to end and when Betsy got off her bike he began to kid with her and asked, "What kind of skull are you?" "Oh! Silent Skull," she answered. She then was able to tell him a little about the club. We went to New London one day to see the memorial where over two hundred school kids got killed in an explosion back in the 1930's and as we were getting off our bikes the chief of police pulled up with his little three year old girl and talked awhile. His daughter was fascinated with us and wanted daddy to stop and talk so she could check out our bikes. I really think that it was an excuse for him to check us out, but he was real friendly and invited us back any time. We never had this kind of attention with SCRC. We kinda liked it. As I said earlier, we are proud to be members of SSLB and we wear our patches proudly.
SSLB Crazy Wolf

I have known your club for many years but wanted to make certain in my own mind that , I am indeed a lone biker. Silent Skulls Lone Bikers gives me the camaraderie I have sought for many, many years...yet it allows me to maintain that anonymous spirit I desperately need to hold on to.  If there is anything I can ever do for you just ask.

Morning dude, got your broadcast note. Thanks! It would appear I fall in the 90 percent category since my club days are over. I have met sslb Timber Gray Wolf a couple of times for a beer but basically prefer to ride alone, which is why I have refrained from voting since there was not a spot for saying you disagree with the whole concept. By the same token, however, I respect the guys who want to pull this thing off and hook up in mass. It is simply their choice. I do however think it will open a can of worms that perhaps may never shut!  Thus, I would have to say I think the bulletin board is a cool way since the demands on our time and resources are far easier than a traditional club requires. The bb is a great platform for talking with like minded brothers, plus it enables us to find a place to have a beer in distant lands!
sslb Hayseed

It's always nice to hear from HQ and a long time biker! You and your colleagues have done a wonderful job on the Web Board. In my opinion, one of the great things about the Club is you can participate to the extent you want. Some members will continue to ride as Silent Skull Lone Bikers and leave the Bulletin Board alone. Others will leave a message but stay away from the Chat Room and Member Listing. And there are Silent Skulls who will participate in everything. The great news, as you have said many times, is that it is the members choice because in our Club, you ride as you choose. Ride Free. Ride Forever!
sslb Glider

I have not been able to find my Silent Skulls file or the box in which it was packed. Apparently, the movers lost all my Skull shit when they transferred our goods from one truck to another. 

It certainly makes me feel so good to have this communication channel (SSLB Bulletin Board) opened. This club is just like a Big family (world wide), even though we don't get to ride or meet each other cross the roads on daily base, deep in our hearts we know we all are alike with the same value in our believes; therefore, we somehow need to find a way to meet especially when we all are strongly bound by  Lone Biker blood.

I seen SSLB club pins on the website. Man, they look so cool! I'll be taking my beer bottles in right quick to get some coins down to the club for my pin!

I was just surfing the site when I saw my e-mail address up.
Hooray! I'm glad to see I'm one of the family.  "When I'm not riding, I'm out to sea, when I'm not out to sea, I'm riding."
SSLB Heroboy 

Good to hear from you! Thought you all disappeared on us. Take your time...we'll be here. I check almost every day, so I'll be around when you get things in order. Thanks for all the work you put into this. I'm sure I'm not the only Skull that feels that way.

Hello Silent Skulls,
Hell! Yes, I received my package. Everything looks great. My wife thinks I'm a little silly, but hey, whatever! I bought a new vest and had our colors sewn on the next day. I have been all over wearing our colors and no problem (not that I would expect any). I am interested in purchasing the belt buckle. My wife has a good job, we just wont tell her about the buckle. Stay out of trouble.
SSLB little c

Hi Bro.
Just received my membership kit the other day, and you were right, I love it. I already have the colors sewn on have been out riding the last couple of days. Man the people stare and then give me the thumbs up when the realize I am a Lone Bike. Do what you live to do STAY IN THE WIND. Keep you rubber down and see you some day on the road, the world is not that big a place.
SSLB Scout

Sorry I can't give you the gist of it as it has been a while and I have discarded it. But, I did hear from some dude here in East about him starting a website for the Skulls. Thought it kind of odd at the time as we already have one (yours) and it's quite complete. He is obviously someone who likes to have control and that's not what we're about. Hope this has been some help. 
SSLB George

My son rides with me sometimes. He says he's gonna steal my vest/shoulder patch when it arrives. Please, can I purchase another small patch so I can have one?

Hey Skulls, I went to some parties here in Fl. Got good responses. Most other "clubs" just want to know where we are out of. My response "The Road Man!", everyone seemed to like it. No threat to anyone else Shit. Don't want none. Anyway Ride It Like You Stole It!
SSLB jeffdogfl

I received my membership packet and everything was in good shape. You were right the new patch was very much worth the wait. Ride the wind!
SSLB Big Byrd

What a great week so far. I just bought my first Harley. It's a 1979 Sporty. Nice bike!! The old Yamaha is still be kept around as I have done way to much work on her to sell her. I got my membership kit. Thanks for everything!! The patch is being put on my vest. I will wear it with pride. Just a quick note to say thanks. Ride Hard and Ride Often!

SSLB Marla

Thanks for the warm and wondrous welcome.  I am very proud and please to be  a part of the SSLB.  I have been riding for 22 years now, not counting the years the I rode with my grand father as a child back in the 60's on his HD suicide shifter.  I will send you a picture of him to post.  He was a great man and I remember him fondly.

SSLB Felix "Grumpy"

Thanks for the response, by the way your web site is really starting to kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Silent Skulls, 
We got our stuff yesterday. Good job man! Really nice quality patch, I'll be proud to put it on my back. Other riders in the area are interested in the Silent Skulls so I told them to look up the website. Maybe we'll meet on the road someday. 
SSLB Jeffdogfl    

Many thanx ,it arrived much more promptly than expected. Nice stuff. Patches are great. I'm in an area where there is no hassle in wearing colors or who's your wearing as long as you mind your own business. Thanks again, I'll wear it proudly.
SSLB George 

It's been a while since I've checked out the SSLB site. HOLY SHIT! I can hardly believe my eyes. You have done an outstanding job. This seems to have really taken off. I'm proud to be a Skull! Great work! So many new things, I'm glad to see other members and their entries and postings. 

Dear Fellow Bikers,
WHY would anyone want one of those radio headphone walkie talkie communicator things that you use to "talk with other bike riders"? I like the silence. Just the wind and the motor..... maybe some of my own singin' inside my helmet.....but NOTHIN' else. If I can't get the message across by pointing or hand signals, then I don't want to know about it. Ya know what I mean? Vrooom, vroooommmm........... PS: I think that I have decided that my FAVORITE pre-ride song is "Ride" by Joe Satriani on his album Flying in a Blue Dream."I just wanna ride......" 

Love the Pig with the colors on the Hog! It's my wallpaper!

I got my membership package Saturday in the mail and wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound way over here on the "right" coast.  Saturday night  I relaxed with a couple of cold brews and tore open the envelope, not really knowing what to expect. I pulled out the jacket patch and was stunned.  First, I've got to say how impressed I am with the quality of workmanship there is in the jacket patch. It's without a doubt, the nicest looking, best made patch I've ever seen. The patch itself is worth more than the membership fee alone.  I started reading through the literature that you sent and as I read through it, the more impressed I became.  The club philosophy is right on the mark.  This is a club that fits me. I've been riding motorcycles for a long time and always wanted that feeling of camaraderie that comes from folks who share the same ideas and interests, and the Silent Skulls club just feels "right".  After reading through the material, I feel as if I've been a lost member all along and have finally found my "family".  This is getting  just a bit too deep so let me just say that I'll wear the patch with pride. On a lighter note,  I had my wife read through the material as well, and I have to tell you that she was impressed as well.  She now feels better about me "being one of those skull people" (as she put it).  She even asked if women could be Silent Skulls!  Now that's progress! I will wear my Silent Skull Lone Biker colors with pride.

Hey Bro's,
Well, it's that time of year again, and the iron horse is in the stall. Before long we will be back on the asphalt in the wind. As a retired member of an outlaw club, I want all the other SS brothers to know that the majority of other club members have no problems with the Silent Skulls. We have no turf, are not involved  or in conflict with with other clubs business affairs , and have a common interest, being a love of riding. Your website is really improving , and hope to see the chat room getting up and running in the near future. So, until we meet in the wind, live to ride, and ride to live.
SSLB Shorty

Greetings! Silent Skulls, I received my stuff today. I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I am !!!!!!!!!! As soon as I opened the envelope and saw that kick ass patch, I wanted to put my tools down, punch out, get on my bike and ride to the "patch sew on place", then ride. Needless to say I didn't, but I thought about it. I could go on and on about how cool all this stuff is but I'm sure you get it. I will have it sewn on tomorrow  so I can ride with pride this weekend ! Also let me thank you for the mouse pad (I'm using it as I write) you didn't have to do that. In closing let me again thank you and the Club for being what you are. Keep up the great work and ride free. P.S. keep me posted if anything locally is happening or anything of interest.    Hastalavista.
Your bro, SSLB Bob             

Hey bro, 
"Open attitude toward all clubs and bikes other than HD" I don't ride a Harley , I ride a shadow my philosophy is Bikes don't make men, men make bikes, all kinds of bikes. The brand or the club doesn't make one tough. Life and its experience shows if one can deal with each situation. A bully will pick his fight, because he feels he has a good chance to win ,a fighter takes care of the bully or bullies what ever the case. Especially when he, the bully jumps into the wrong shit. ride free and don't rattle the wrong cage you don't always know what kind of animal you may have to deal with. The WOLF/Cowboy. LONE of course.

What's up? Bro,
The Bone Head News is somewhere in the great void (file 404 not found) all categories. Only Membership and Rag Shop comes up. That's good for business, but bad for us SKULLS who would like to know what's happening with the CLUB. Do you really want pictures of SKULLS and their bikes, maybe if you would post some. You would get pictures.
SKULL Greywolf/Cowboy   

Just a note to say thanks! Got my kit last week, and I appreciate the COD favor. Am proud to wear our colors. Thanks again.....if your ever in southern N.J. look me up!
Spikol, Silent Skull!

Thank you for allowing me to join!  It is a nice feeling to know I have brothers out there who wear the same patch.  Had a stroke not long ago, but I am coming back fast! Can't keep me off my bike! I will be back up soon, and I will wear the patch with pride. I have a bro here on town, doesn't have a computer, would you send an application to my e-mail so I can print it out for him?  We would both be grateful.   Thanks!


Hey...."Left Coast" scooter dudes!  I'm following up on order that I sent in about a month ago for a "Freeway" membership. No hurry because once I sent the money I think I am in!  I'm  the one who likes to be "In the wind waiting" , and when I have money in the wind, I usually follow up on it. I've been a "Lone Biker" all of my life, so I can wait a little longer to make it official but hurry with my skull shit!   
Thanks.......SSLB Clay