Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965












You self-identify as a Lone Biker when you join
"Ride till you bone"



Membership Includes:


Classic Skull patch or sslb Wing patch
Black t-shirt or hat (if t-shirt size not available)

Small Skull vest patch

Small SSLB vest patch

Skull pin

SSLB pin

10 beer coasters

Pack of Decals
Welcome letter
Club history

Club Chapters history

The Big Club question

Classic I.D. card 
2 club cards to invite







We are only accepting E-Processing forms and PayPal payments


Mailing Address:

Legal Name:

Street number: Street:


State or Province

Zip Code:


Email address:

General Information:

Your Motorcycle:

Years riding:

Biker name:

T-shirt size: Subject to Size Availability/ will be substituted with a more expensive Hat

Large Patch you want:
                                                 (Classic Skull or SSLB Wing) 

What is your interpretation of Silent Skulls?

What is your definition of Lone Biker?

Do you want to be on "Find a skull list"? (yes/no)

Signature is typed name:

You must be 21 years old with motorcycle riding  experience.. By signing you are of age, identifying as one of us, joining us and accepting our lone biker family. You agree to honor and respect our Club creed, philosophy and camaraderie.



One Lifetime Payment
"Cheaper than chrome and last life long"


Membership $250 plus S/H:  

U.S. Priority Insured Mail: $26 Plus$ 250   = $276

Canada Global Express Insured Mail: $48 plus $250   = $298

International Global Express Insured Mail: $60 plus $250   = $310





Once we received your Application Form we will email you a PayPal invoice for payment. After you pay our invoice, we will start your membership processing and mail it to you within 3 weeks from the date you paid. There are no refunds you are paying a one time membership fee to our Club. We reserve the right to make changes without notice

We will only hold your Application Form for 30 days after the date of your PayPal invoice.

 Send all questions and comments to



Do not submit application until you are ready to join and pay







Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Motorcycle Club maintains membership confidentiality and will not give out information on it's members. We will not be responsible for any illegal activities, unlawful or offensive conduct by any member while representing or wearing the Club Colors and we reserve the right to reject or terminate membership for offensive conduct and negative club publicity.


"Find a skull List"  if you voluntary choose to be on a member's skull list made available by request to other members (biker name, state or country and e-mail address only). You take the risk on the List.

Skull Listings
(for members only)

To obtain a list of Skulls in a specific state / country you must have been a member for a while and must also be on our list. Please email us for the request form, fill it out and return email to us. We will verify your membership information and email you a list of Skulls in the specific area you requested.



Prospecting is patience

"Your Membership is lifetime, no rush" 

  Cheaper than chrome last life long