Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965











To whoever does  the paper work.  I have been a member all my life just have never found out how to join the club till now.  So I hope this gets to you still unsure if you email the App to join or if you need my address so you have email now.. will include home address. 
Rob in CO, USA.

I have been checking out the SSLBs group for some time. I am interested in joining such a free and credible club as this but I'm not sure what I need to do. Please let me know how to go about joining.
Dear Sir,  15 years ago I had purchased my first motorcycle after a day of riding by myself that Iwould get bored of it. Well I purchased 3 more motorcycles since then I am still riding alone and loving it. I read your website and felt like reading about myself. I answered your 20 questions and passed. So I thought I would drop  you a line and  if you could send me an application. I would very much appreciate it and am looking forward to be a part of the brotherhhood.   
Forever, Paul in Canada.

Hello, my name is Bjørn – nickname “biker bear” (“bjørn” = “bear” in Norway).

I'm 47 years old, and have been riding bikes since I was 16. I stumbled across your website a while ago -  and have been reading - and reading…. 

"............ride without all the rules and regulations set forth by clubs or associations------ silent in the fact that our riding does the talking........."

This is me, this is exactly what I am and has been for over 30 years.  I am ready to become a freeway member. Please send me a membership application on this mail.

Bjorn in Norway


Howdy, after countless hours of browsing the web site and decision making...I am requesting an application for the SSLB. I once prospected for a serious MC, it wasn't for me with my schedules and life outside of the club. Id like to belong to a group of like minded individuals, but not to the point that I can loose everything I have because the club needs me for something. It looks like the SSLBs may be just what I wanted.
Stinger in USA.

Send me a membership app. I can dig everything the skulls are about. I know one skull in Japan also. He told me about the group. I'm in NE Arkansas and tired of the club shit around here. I ride on my own because no one can keep up or wants to go anywhere.
CD in USA.

This site and the MC is awesome. For many years (12) I hand been riding alone on my ironhead searching for an MC like this. I like to ride alone and ride free, so this is the ultimate opportunity. I am looking forward to hear from you soon, and if it's possible, become a member of the world's best and free MC.
Corald in Bosnia

I am 51 one years old and have been a hang around in a few m/c clubs and did not like acting like someone's dog to try and go though the prospect period and other people wanting to know every thing about my life or who I knew or what I had to wear and so on .so never have joined any of them. I have been riding alone all over the USA since 17 years old, but I am a man likes to ride alone. I'am a certified Master Harley Davidson mechanic so I have helped a lot of bikers from all walks of life get their bikes going or just build one or fix it up. But I am a lone biker, I love the creed of this club. Please can I get a membership package for I am a Lone Biker by heart and blood.
Royal Brown in USA                                     

I came across your web site after seeing the patch on a biker forum.  I  was impressed with the spirit of the words I read on the site and the  fact that the club has been around for over fourty years.  The idea of a group of like minded bikers who all enjoy their two-wheeled  independency appeals to me.  I'd never not wave to or stop for another biker regardless of what they ride, what (colors) they wear, or what  they look like.  We're all one per centers when it comes down to four  wheels vs. two so we have to stick together.  But in the end, we all  take the final ride alone.  Send an app please, I'm ready to affiliate.  

I work on a NATO base in Bosnia and I have my 2001 Harley Softail with me........I like the Classic Patch the most but both will do very well. When I'm not overseas working, I live in Georgia where I was born and raised 56 yrs ago.  I've been riding a long time Huh? The website is way cool man! I found your website thru this link:  
I was looking for some club I could affiliate with and yours is Perfect!!!  OK, enough said, don't want ya'll to get the big head over this flattery shit....   THANKS for being there!  Hope to hear from ya'll real soon!!
Joseph in Bosnia

Hello friends, to be very happy with return of the previous email. I wait that I am to be accepted in the SSLB, makes much time to travel alone that I follow the SSLBs.
Erley in Brazil


Hello I read about your club in a Scandinavian magazine called ScanBike. I checked out your website few months ago and liked what I saw. Now I have decided that I want to be a Silent Skull. I have been riding alone for 11 years now .Would you send me an membership application.
Geir in Norway.

I am 35 year old biker from the north of the planet Sweden to be precisely. I would like to join the Silent Skulls Lone Biker MC. I've been riding since I was 20 and I feel that this club have the philosophy of  motorcycle riding and everything that comes with that that I like and stand for. I would appreciate if you could send me a membership application form.
Christian in SWEDEN

While I was looking on the Internet, trying yet again to find a motorcycle club to join, I found your site. I almost cried when I read it. These SSLB folks are me, and they expressed things I've been thinking for a long long time. 
I've been riding since 1982, back then women riders were rare. I learned to work on my bikes 'cause I had to - the shops always tried to screw me over, and besides - I never had the money to pay them anyway but I was damn proud to kick over my '77 Yamaha RD400 and show them that :YES! WOMEN CAN RIDE!
My whole life I rode alone, never with a club and rarely even with other riders. I never have been much of a joiner, and riding alone means you get to do whatever you want, so that's what I do. Now that there are more clubs for women, I just can't find one I can ever envision myself belonging to. I've been riding by myself for so damned long, I'm just used to it. When I saw on your site the words "Lone Bikers are not afraid to turn left when everybody else turns right," I knew I was a Silent Skull Lone Biker. I ride my own, I ride alone, and I don't need anyone to guide me. I can do that all by myself.
So send me the membership packet. I'll be just as proud to wear these colors as I am to have ridden alone and on my own all these years.
Chris in USA

I have been riding alone for over 20 years. I often wondered if there are other like minds. Each time I have tried to ride with a group I would find myself branching off the beaten trail. It was on a long stretch of country road I came to the conclusion, I enjoy riding alone, my way, my time, my speed and my own style of riding, on the machine of my choice. It was like I finally made peace with myself. As I read the SSLBs' CLUB
CREED, it was like all the words I have tried to use to describe what I live, written on a page. Finally!!   I appreciate fully the self identification.  Not being alone at being alone is great. Anyway I GET IT, and have for many years. I would be honored to be included in something I believe in and live every day of my life. I will continue to uphold the value of the creed.


This is what I'm looking for more than you will ever know. I have been asked many times to join a club and my answer has always been the same "I like riding alone". I ride to work every day and always on the weekends in rain, sun. I have even done the snow a few times...Although not recommended. I am very interested in a membership and any information would be great...Although your website says it all. Hope to see you on the road and if not take care !
Troy in USA

I e-mailed you on the 26 of Jan 06 requesting a membership application.....Just wondering if it has been send out...I have read your site a dozen times and this club is exactly what I need. I had been on the route of 1% clubs, riding clubs, cruising clubs, clubs that became social clubs with all the rules...I have been riding lone for 20 years now, go where I want when I want. I am awaiting to join your club and would be proud.
Ken in Canada
Sir, l myself have been riding for over 20 years, I've been a member of clubs from hog to mc , all here in the UK. For the past 5 years l have been riding alone, and that's the way l like it, l go where l want when l want, in the sun, the rain and even snow. l go to bike meets on my own. l don't need the rules and look's of a local club, l don't like to be told who l can talk to and who l can't. l like being alone, and that's why l'm so happy to have found your club's web page, and now ask with respect if you would be so kind as to invite me to be a member a loyal member at that,
l look forward to hearing from you soon, with l hope good news, l'll be only happy to help the clubs web page with pics etc... Everywhere l go and wear my patch with pride. Ride free, bro, ride safe.
Max (England, UK)

I visited your website and read it thoroughly.  I agree with your creed and abide with all of your FAQ.  Thus, I would like to request an application for membership to the Silent Skulls.

I have been a lone rider for years and just found out about the "silent skulls".  I would like to apply for membership but need to know the procedures involved.  I have ridden into the wind with the sun at my back and down many deserted roads.  I have been looking for an organization like this for years to give me a chance to meet others of my own mind set. May you always have the wind in your face, sun at your back and 2 wheels on the ground. Please send me an application to become a member. 
I would very much like to be considered as a candidate for application to the Silent Skulls.  I have been a lone rider for many years and didn't know a club like this existed.  I just happened to run across it and took the test and scored 19-20 and it is something I have been searching for many years. 

I have enjoyed the care and feeding of others along the road...often they weren't bikers, just Skulls who never joined.  Old dudes, women, you name it.  I have always taught my kids--through my actions--that it's good to join nothing in life, unless of course you are so moved you can't help yourself.  They both got the message. I always get behind the ethic that "it isn't what's under you, it's that you're on top of it."
Will in MI, USA.

Read your entire site, and this stands for exactly what I am, what I represent and who I will always be. Keep the rubber side down!!!!

I would like to say, you have a great web page, very informative.  The way of life that you described fits me to a tee.  Please send me an application for your consideration on my membership.
Barry in FL, USA.

I stumbled across your web sight about a year ago and thought this is exactly what I have been looking for. But I couldn't remember the name of the club or find it again until a couple of days ago. I was very excited to re-read the what you are all about and it is with out a doubt me. I have been riding most of my life, foreign bikes as a kid and later my own ground up custom. The first ride I went on with a group, I remember someone announcing themselves as road captain and starting to tell me in what position I would be riding and what the rules were. I like these guys but I didn't come to this on my day off to take orders and follow more rules.

Please send an application to the attached E-mail address.  I won't bore you with why I think I should or shouldn't be a part of the Silent Skulls, accept to say that I do enjoy meeting others when I'm out riding and would like to know that I'm approaching someone of like mind when I walk up and shake the hand of a fellow SSLB patch-holder.
Pete in WA, USA.

I've been visiting your site for probably over a year now, I feel I am now ready to commit. When you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts are of your ride, when you go to sleep at night and your last thoughts are of your ride, then you're a Lone Biker.

I am e-mailing you to ask about your membership in Great Britian. Me and my mate Kev have both been on the biking seen for 20 odd years . Kev rides a Suzuki 1400 intruder and I ride a Kawasaki z 1000 custom. Could you e-mail us back with membership form or let us know what to do next.
Gary & Kev in England.

Wow!  I just found your website surfing the net.  I've been riding "flying couches" for the past thirty years.  I just bought a traditional cruiser and I'm having the time of my life.   I've been riding alone for most of my life.  I didn't think there were similar minded folks out there.  I read all the material on the SS website.  I agree with the philosophy of riding 100%. I would love to join the Silent Skulls.  Please send me an application. 
 Dale in WA, USA.
I knew you were out there.  Alone, free in thought and deed.  A brotherhood to stand for our individual passion, not the passion of someone long since gone.  To be my self, riding by my rules, my journeys, my destinations.  I would be proud to support your colors.  Please send me an application ASAP.

What is the chance of you boys sending me an application. My friend told me to check you guys out since my thoughts were along the same lines as his. He was a Skull, told him my group/club days were over, he said you guys thrived on riding alone which is what I do. I read all your web site stuff and if it is right on, it appears I am a good fit!

Be one with the universe. One with all brother and sister bikers. One tribe and whole when alone.  Silent skulls are cool. If you have me...I'd love to join. 

Hey! Found your site once a few years ago, was interested then but never acted on it. You've caught my attention again with the improved site, especially all the writings from members expressing in one way or another why Silent Skulls 'fits' them and their personal views so well. Sometimes it is an eye opener to realize that there are other people who have the same desire to make a statement about their relationship to reality without having to cater to someone else's power trip (as is found in most clubs, not just MC clubs either). I've been riding mostly alone since 1965 round the east coast, feel like I might fall somewhere in the pile, if you accept old farts. Still rolling, Yamaha V-star, Honda Reflex, and an old Vespa I held onto for the fun of it. 

I rode with others & the attitudes, I rode by myself and loved the attitude. Meeting the other LONE BIKERS with the love of riding would be a plus as a member. I'm positive it'll happen & that's cool, but if it don't that's cool & "That's what makes it cool". The Club of Loners in a World of Riders --- Yeah! Free to go where you want, when you want & with or without who you want. What more could a Riding Man ask for ---- of course if he's got all of his basics in line.

I ran across one of your members today on a run and was impressed.  I have been a loner for 27 years.  After checking out your site, I realize I have brothers who share the same vision.  Please forward me an application so that I might let all know I stand as a Silent Skull.

In a restaurant, in Tampa, met and chatted with a SSLB member (who just arrived from Dallas on his Yamaha) and was quite impressed with the concept.. been a LB for years and would love to be associated with the thousand s of LB's I see but don't ride with....Thanks
I really like what ya'll got going with the club. I've always considered myself a loner and usually ride by myself. I'm from a small town and there's not many people around to ride with and I'm too far from any club to become a member. I've looked around for years to find something I thought would be appropriated and this looks like it may be what I'm looking for. I've been through the site and checked everything out including becoming a member and this looks like a good way to somehow unite all lone riders out there. 
Ride Safe~Ride Free

Please send an application for membership.  I am very interested in joining.  I hope this is as real as it sounds.  It's exactly what I need.  I'm tired of waiting for other people to decide when to ride and where to ride.  We always end up a day late and a dollar behind.  I also don't want to kiss anyone's ass to have the privilege of riding beside them.  Some people's condescending attitude suck and they don't represent the true Biker's attitude: BROTHERHOOD!  I would rather ride independently and share the experience with anyone who wants to.  THANKS!

Please let me know when you are going to start taking application for membership again.  As this is this first time I have ever seen or heard of any group that dared to challenge the system!  It's not the Patch as much as it is a Belief and an Attitude of the club and the other members that Match My Way Of Life. Bro's & Sis's In the wind keep the rubber on the ground, drive safe and Live free.

My lifestyle (traveling) and work (sometimes) schedule doesn't allow me the leisure for regular club meetings and runs. Hence I've never remained a club member for very long. Riding 30+ years and lately averaging 15,000+ miles per year, I'm usually on my own. (I've found that I'm my own best friend). SSLB is the club I've been looking for. Club's attitude and non-affiliation are my feelings exactly. Just wanna ride, don't mess with me. It's good to know there are others out there feeling the same. Would be good to run into them on occasion as patch holders.


I ride my HD, and I want to join a club that doesn't include any type of urination on my clothes or heads as part of the initiation or something like that.

We are gathering research for a one hour documentary for MSNBC about bikers, the show will focus on different biker clubs, their lifestyles and their love and dedication to motorcycle riding. The plan is to follow various motorcycle clubs from all walks of life and document their lives. I would be interested in finding out more about The Silent Skulls Motorcycle Club with the view of doing a possible segment (I will be in California where I believe you based?)

Put me on the waiting list. I was approached by a member of a local club, but I don't think that's the way I want to go. I like the ideas of SSLB. 

I love what you stand for. No by-laws, no ongoing commitments to meetings, nobody trying to rule your life, and most of all, the choice to ride the way I want and when I want. I was a secretary for a  club, I wouldn't disclose, and there was too much politics and backstabbing. Come to find out our to-be fearless leader was the head of all the backstabbing. I am not putting down other clubs, as I have a great amount of respect for other clubs and have had fun partying with them, but I am a loner and have life outside this lifestyle. SSLB is the perfect way for me to ride and share camaraderie with others such as myself. Send me an application. 

I wrote to you and received a membership application, and I am ready to send it with my payment for a Freeway membership, and when I checked your web site, I saw that you are starting a waiting list for now. Is it possible that I could be added to the list? When you notify me, I have everything ready, and will drop it in the mail.

For several years now I have been riding with the Amherst M/C. Club of bikers that just get together and ride, no rules, no dues, etc.  The club has started to get a little too organized for a few of us and we have formed our own club:  FTC  M/C  - I Ride For Me. FTC stands for "f... the club" I really like you concept of lone bikers... please send me an application.

Fellow Bikers,
I've been in the wind for over twenty years, and over 15 years ago, I was once a patch holder for a club that I will not mention. Through several years of life's ironic twist's and turn's, falling on my butt and getting back up again, I decided that the rigidity of rules applied to club members at that time, were controlling my life, instead of me being in charge of it. Being a nonconformist, I left the club and haven't looked back since. Now I come across your web site and find that everything that you express as a club is really a representation of myself. I would appreciate an application for membership in your organization. Ride hard. Live Free.

Please send me an application. I am very interested in your club. I am an Officer in the Highway Poets MCC and our bylaws allow me to be a member of any other club and the Silent Skulls seem to be a unit that shares many similarities. in attitudes and inclusiveness.  May be some of you would like to party with us in West Franklin NH during Laconia Bike Week, If so email me to let me know, so we can plan accordingly and I will give you directions and there is free camping only a few miles from all the action. Just a thought.    

Just found your site and really like the philosophy.  I've been riding since I was a kid and would like an application. Thanks for your consideration.

Please e-mail me when your supply meets your demands.  I'll wait, as you say (membership is for a lifetime). Thanks for your time and be cool.       

Hey there,
I need to get an application as soon as possible.  I have been around several clubs here in Europe and to be honest I have not been very impressed.  I would like to get an application that I or my MOM can send you the money for a Freeway Membership.  Please help a true Lone Biker in TROUBLE of finding his place.......

Please send me an app. Are there any comments you can give me regarding the reactions of the local clubs? I take "patch" holding seriously. Not looking for any hassles, I'm tired of it. Just want to be left alone to ride as I please.

Hey, I wiped my last application off my hard drive accidentally . Please sir, may I have another...

I stumbled across your web page and found that your mottos and outlook on riding is refreshing and at the same time expresses my perception on the biking lifestyle. I've been riding for over 20 years and its a daily part of my life. I would appreciate it if you could E-mail me an application for membership. Thank you! 

I've read through every word of your web page. It almost sounds too good to be true. I stumbled on the web site just surfing the web and after scrutinizing the entire thing, I was just floored, and still am. I never was a "pack" rider, or a believer in the mentality of the rules and regulations of the typical club. I ride EVERY day, rain or shine and would never even consider owning one of those four wheeled things. I am my bike and my bike is all I am. I would like to know more about the club's history, just because I am the skeptical type. Is it possible for you or someone fill me in on this? Please consider me for membership regardless and send an application. I am sure you can expect a very enthusiastic member in the very near future.

I'm 47 years old, have many friends in North and South America as well as in Europe, but the only friend I keep close, is the wind. Let me know, if I can be part of the club and hope we can cross paths someday.

Hi, talk about a lone biker club! I guess I would be just that...after riding over 11 states and 5,000 miles in 13 days, by myself! I would have loved to show off the patch during that time. I completed my journey end of June 2000. I'm not your typical biker chick, but I do hold my own for being 4'11" small woman! All I can say is WOW, your club fits me and my V-Twin....please send us an application.

Cool web site, a couple of new friends of mine are flying your colors and I want mine, email the app to me please, I like your motto a lot better than the other local group here in the Mobile area, they require jail time or jump in and that shit 

Aside from liking the club creed and what you represent.  I love the site and all the skulls!  Your web master is a Master!

Dear Sirs and Ladies skulls,
I have been riding for about 15 years, and put about 400 miles a week on my bike commuting and riding for pleasure (OK, so it's All pleasure). Anyway, for one reason or another I have been loath to join any of the clubs that I have run into. Mainly due to heavy personalities and politics. I am highly interested in the Silent Skulls and what you stand for. A good friend of mine is a member. Please send me an application. 

I've been looking for a club/group, but I'm not an outlaw biker and I like being clean, so I've had a little trouble finding one that I'm right for and one that's right for me. Anyway, when I ran across the SSLB web site, I thought this is it! The club I've been looking for. Would you please send me an application.

Hello! I have just gotten through reading your page. My god I love it. You see I'm 18 and ,well I'm a lone biker too its hard too be in high school . but when you have a goatee and long hair you learn fast how to get by alone. Man your like all my dreams come true. I want to be a Silent Skull, its already my mark . Please send me an membership form . Its like you believe in the same shit I do. I thought was the only one but damn this made my night if you need my addy write back , I look forward to hearing from you.

I found your web page and liked what I saw! I would be proud to wear a patch only worn by other like minded people. Can you e-mail an application (ugh! I hate that word)? No hurry, of course. Whenever you get a chance between rides.

Hi SSLB, I've been riding for a few years now. Tried  riding with the groups around the area, but couldn't get the satisfaction I get riding alone. That is one of many reasons I would like to apply  for an application to your  organization. I know the pride and respect one must have to become a "Patch Holder".  Please consider me for your organization.            

I have never seen a motorcycle club like the SS/LB, but I like what I see. I would greatly appreciate an application for the Highway Membership Kit.

I heard about SS/LB about 3 years ago when I was a sportbiker and thought it was an awesome idea.  Unfortunately, due to other obligations (military), I sold the bike. Well, now I'm back and ready for an application. I have a 1988 Honda SuperMagna which draws more attention then any sportbike I've ever owned. Plus, I don't have to prove how cool I am to all the local sportbikers by doing dangerous stuff like wheelies and racing. I can just get on and go my own way. Perfect SSLB attitude, which I've always enjoyed doing my own thing instead of group riding anyway.

Hi there nice web site and it sounds like you guys have the right idea about what it's all about. (being a biker that is) It's not what you ride it's the fact that you ride at all.. I live in Dubai in the Middle East. I have been riding bikes for the last 22 years from Motocross to Desert racing to Harley's to Honda's and then back to Harley's again. ( with the amount of miles I do the Honda was just to expensive to maintain believe it or not.) Most of the guys I know are left over from my racing days and none of them can understand why I ride a Harley and then again none of them ride on the road alone. That's what it's all about not what you ride, what color you are, how fast you are, how shiny you are, how rich you are, nothing matters apart from the fact you ride and we all share the same high. All I can say is enjoy it while you can because some bastards just don't understand and all they want to do is take something they don't understand, away from the people who love to feel the wind in there face.  Long live all bikers and don't let the bastards get you down.  

I am a woman biker and proud of it, I am a bad-ass too and proud of it. I ride with my Hog between my legs and nothing else! I am a lone biker and want to belong to something that is nothing. I read the application and like that you don't want to know age or gender of members. I like that because I am not young and sick and tied of all the men shit the other clubs throw my way. I don't take shit and don't want to give any shit! I just want to be left alone with my Hog between my legs. I want to belong to silent skulls but don't want to report to silent skulls. If I join I will be one of your anonymous members who will just disappear into the sunset. Just me and my Hog.

I've been riding hard this summer, most of the time all alone, enjoying myself like never before. 'Solitude instead of Attitude' was - and will always be- guiding me...  Yet, I've learned a lot about life on my bike, but there's so much more «wisdom» awaiting down the road...  I was hangin' around for about six months, but now I deeply feel that the time has come for me to fully honor  SSLBs' creed for the rest of my life. So, this is it, I think that I'm ready to became a proud and «efficient» member of the silent brotherhood on two wheels.   Best regards,

I came across your site over a year ago, and I identified with it a great deal. However I took your advice and decided to give it some time. No rush, right ? The other day your site came to my attention again, in a big way. I haven't really been able to get it out of my mind since. Since I am definitely an independent and mostly Lone Biker who follows my own way regardless of how the crowd goes, and since I LOVE riding and being in the wind, I decided I would identify with the Silent Skulls officially and become one ( if I am invited ).  Please send me a membership application when you get a chance.

"UNTIL WE CROSS, RIDE ALONE WITH US"   Damn I like that!  I've ridden with some of the regular clubs but I've never been one for rules or organization. Send me the application!
Biker Mike in Mississippi
"Convention is a placebo for small minds" Quote by Moi

Send info please. I have 3 bikes, 1 for rainy days (older BMW), one for cruising and relaxing(96 Sportster) and one for hallin ass (95 GSX-r 750), tag on this bike reads---By By Cop---needless to say, "they" don't like it.) I loose sleep over this daily!! Keep u'm rollin,

I like the foundation of your organization because it fits my lifestyle perfectly.  In my world I prefer to ride my bike and to do that alone without the hassles of others to burden me on my ventures and adventures. I'm sure with the weather being as nice as it is you guys are spending your time riding, not checking email, so when you get a spare minute I would appreciate an application to become a member.  (yea, if it wasn't for work I wouldn't have email since I don't own a computer but I would be doing a hell of a lot more riding like you and not answering emails!). Thanks!!!

Could you please send me a membership application.  You sound like my kind of group, and I would like to be a part of it!  I've been riding for 25 years, and have been looking for a club like this. Thank You......Clay

I am seriously considering joining your club but have a couple of questions for you. I am a bit confused on the subject of Chapters from your web page. Part of the membership kit at the various membership levels includes "Club Chapter History". Also stated in the Club Philosophy is that you do not allow chapters.... why not? It seems contradictory to have a club, let alone an international club and not have any chapters. What is the "Club Chapter History" portion of the membership kit? When I become a member, do I receive a list of all SS members? This would be nice to have when planning road trips. How long has the SS website been running?

Silent Skulls Club is a great idea, it's great to have a "club" and not have to deal with the club politics. Some friends an I were thinking of starting up our own club for the same reasons. We all ride and hang out together, but we won't join something like 1%ers, because it's too wannabe for us. Too trying too hard, you guys seem to have the right idea, plain and simple. That works Also why did you choose the name silent skulls? (nice patch, btw) since this is a non-AMA club, would it be considered a 1%er club? How have you been treated by the law? I know I'm asking a lot of what might seem silly questions, but I feel that wearing colors, any colors is still a commitment, and a statement and not something to be entered into lightly, especially due to  the fact that there are a lot of larger clubs in the NY area. Thank You  for your patience. 

I live in an area that has a local bad-ass riders. I've looked at prospecting for them, and don't want to - I can't put in the clubhouse time and money they require not to mention the rules, regulations, image and initiations. Then again, I'm 59 years old, and don't feel like putting up with the shit they throw at prospects, or with any shit at my age.; I know what respect and camaraderie are, and give it willingly where it's deserved but I want it to be a choice just as in a choice of other bikers and motorcycles. On the other hand, some of these members are friends of mine; and although I prefer (by choice) to ride alone as a silent skull, I sometimes do some of their runs. So I'm concerned about the issue of the "club-to-club" relationship - I know that you say on the website that this question is covered in the membership packet, But if I join something, it's a commitment. I'd just like to know that the Silent Skulls patch isn't going to embroil me in an argument with the local patch holders. Thanks for whatever info you have to offer on this one.

Greetings from Canada's West Coast.  I knew one day this computer would do some fu--in thing useful, and today surfed to your site. I wanna know more!

My buddy just sent me some email commenting on a ride I had recently with another guy (who ended up being a drip) in the UK.

How's  it  going?, I've  never  heard  of  your  club  before  but  it  sounds  great, it is me.  Please send  me  info  and  let  me  know  how  I  can  join.  I  ride  a  Harley but  I'm  not  all  about  the  attitude that  is  associated  with  it towards  other  bikers  on  foreign  sleds.  I  am  very  interested.

Please send me a  application .do you except trike's ??? I am a btw member that is getting fed up with the bull and know others who feel the same way. Bikers are bikers and loners are loners. We just like all motorcycles.

Well, it sounds like Silent Skulls got a pretty good idea goin' there!  I hope you can keep it goin and figure out that web shit'.  I am a proud member of an established MC, but I do have several friends (believe it or not) who I think would be very interested in your outfit, they are always out there alone and don't bother anybody.  I'll talk to 'em about it and see if they wanna apply. Keep up the hard work.  Any time you start a club especially bikers on the net, it's hell at first, but the rewards DO make it all worthwhile if you can manage to stay in existence long enough to enjoy them.  The type of club that you have will be even more difficult, due to it's loose-knit structure of a bunch of bikers who ride alone and don't want to belong to anything.  I wish you all the luck in the world, and if any you loners ever gonna be in my neck of the woods, drop me an E-mail and maybe we can go for a ride.


I am just following up on a request for an application to join.  I think I would fit in perfect with this club since I have always kinda been a loner .  I don't care where I go, when I go as long as I am on my bike.  I would love to be able to show my support to SSLBs by wearing a patch when I am on my bike and letting everyone around wonder who I am. 
I have answered all 20 of your SAT questions and have answered yes to all 20 of them. I love to ride and not some much in a group, I would rather ride alone. I have ridden most of my life started when I was 13 and have been riding ever since. I have tried the club way with others but always found myself of riding by myself. So if you think I would be a good club member for life till I bone then your club is for me. Please send me an application.

Please send me an app, I have checked on other clubs and yours by far is in line with my thinking. Dues, and don't oh my god. (I just want to ride) I have always been a loner. When I fire up my bike and head down the road "WOW".  It's all about freedom. Do what I want when I want too.

I have started riding at age 19 and now 49. I always ride alone and always will. I survived a shitty 15 year marriage and now I am a free man. All I want to do is ride!!!Can you please send me the Highway membership application. Thanks!

I cant wait to become a member Last year  you sent me an app I never sent it back because I was unsure. After riding from Michigan to Arizona and back all by my self, I realized how good it felt just me and my bike. All my life I have felt ALONE, why change now. I will fly my Silent Skull proudly but not boastfully.  When wearing my colors I will ride  alone. When asked about my club I will direct them to the web site.  I am a man of few words, so a Silent Skull I will become.
Dear Bros, I'm sending my membership invitation and dues, for the Silent Skulls tomorrow.  I look forward to become a member of the Silent Skulls, I will do nothing to bring dishonor to the Silent Skulls.
George in MI, USA


I have to tell you this short but gutting story. I was doing my twice a year ride to see my father in Florida this spring, and the powers to be I lost a chain on my old shovel in the middle of North Carolina. I only needed a master link to get jamming again so I started to stash my scoot in the woods and start hitching down the road. I had 4 hours along that road and about 8 so called bikers just blow me off. I had seen an sign for a town of Salisbury N.C. 6 miles and figured that was that ! another 2 hour walk. I started to think that being alone was now starting to make me believe that I needed more tools and another check of a few spare parts..... As I started to get pissed at the world for not taking a 15 cent part with me. A noise of another scooter was close by. I can't believe it the bike was slowing down. As I told my story to the old man he called my luck. "Ill fix you up and live free on two wheels", he said.  I noticed that he was wearing a patch that I have not seen in a few years. He rode with me till I got to Salisbury, I offered to buy a few beers for the trip. but He said no thanks and said I'll se you again some day.  I have been a loner all my life, and a loner I will always be . Thanks!
Sorry I didn't tell you that fact but he was wearing a Silent Skulls patch !

Good morning, I had sent you an email requesting an application earlier this week and have not heard back. My guess would be that this is because you have been busy riding or what not.  All that aside, I am following up with another request for application to ride as a Silent Skull Lone Biker.  After a few years of hanging around some of the local clubs, I have come to the realization that:
1. I do not like to ride in the back because I am "the hang around" or "because someone else is senior ranking in the club". 
2. My time on the road is not spent as a "show" or "hey look at our group of guys as we show up at some bar".
3. I have the inner pride and desire to be a part of a motorcycle club. I want to ride as a Silent Skull, and look forward meeting a Skull brother on the road, stopping for a few to take in stories of long stretches of travel, and bidding another SSLB a great ride with safety and love that comes from the unknown of journey's ahead.
Jeffrey in US Navy

While looking for a lone wolf patch I came upon your website and with great interest read every bit of the site. I took the test and thought about my fit into this picture. It seemed natural, and somewhat karma-ish that I found you guys. I have been a lone wolf all my life, having moved around a lot. Most certainly I have had my troubles with the law and drugs, to name a few, however I have learned from my mistakes. I give back to life now, I have worked with children for the last 15 years or so. I ride alone, I enjoy riding alone on my Sportster. I love my bike, and work on it myself.  I respect other riders, all of them, as we share a common bond. However, I don't want the traditional restrictions of a common MC club. Thus I wish to apply to your club, I wish to be a Silent Skull.
Ken in MA, USA

Helllloooo there..............I got 2003 fxdwg...I am a Hog International...and...I ride alone. No fees, no meetings, no chapters, just me+the bike+the road. You will see me anywhere and everywhere...lonely biker on top of the mountain...and by the lighthouse...deep in the forest on route ?? get the message.
Sounds like Silent Skulls do the same, no agenda, no crime, no politics, just ride hard live free. I was asked to join few mc clubs, but I have chosen my own path instead. Today, I realized that there were others and I just follow Silent Skulls. I am a Silent Skull !!!  Please send me an application.
I respectfully request a membership application into the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers  MC.
I have long thought of myself as a lone biker. I've been around many clubs, have had great time (the ones that  I can remember).  But I always like the fact that I ride out whenever I want and go wherever I want. I would be proud to be a member and call myself a  Silent Skulls Lone Biker.

I have been riding as a "Lone Wolf" biker for over 20 years and it's refreshing to see other brothers out in the world that have a philosophy of marching to the beat of your their drum. Keep your knee's in the breeze and watch your six.

I am a self proclaimed "Lone Biker", I believe that as a lone biker, I ride  alone but together with the other members of the Silent Skulls MC. I consider  myself to ride alone ; however; I may ride with or associate with other  bikers on occasions. I believe in personal freedom for each and every biker
no matter what brand of ride they choose or any other factors as long as  they uphold the right to live and ride free. My freedom and the freedom of  all bikers is paramount above all else.
Micheal in NE, USA

I'm 50 and have been riding since I was 18. I think I have ridden every type of bike around. I thought I was the only lone biker in the world. I assumed that everyone forgot riding was a rebellion against conformity and rules. It was about personal freedom that comes from being able to take care of yourself. It's about being different and willing to back it up, IT's ALL ABOUT THE RIDE ! It's good to know that there are still real bikers out there...


My name is Chuck (Writeman) and I'm the publisher of am also the editor of a weekly newspaper just south of Kansas City. I've been riding since October 2001. Most of my riding is done solo...I prefer it that way...I enjoy setting my own schedule, going at my own pace, stopping when I want, and taking the path where I want. This past July I took an 18 days trip to Seattle, traveling the first time with two buddies and the final nine days by myself. Those nine days, I was in heaven traveling solo... A few days ago, I discovered SSLBs' website, and I read the comments, and completed the SAT and enjoyed looking through all of it. I am extremely interested in learning and being a Silent Skull.

I’ve been riding alone for quite a while now and came across your site while surfing the ‘net.  I have been keeping my eyes for your website for over a year now trying to figure out why I would want to join a group since I've always been a loner.  I am one of those riders that truly enjoy just getting out there on the bike and not having anyone else around except the wind, the road, and the freedom.  Nothing against other riders at all; riding in packs can be fun, I just don't want to be around the same people all the time.  I completely agree with SSLBs' creed and beliefs.  It's the way I've been living as long as I can remember and the irony of the Silent Skulls is perfect for me.  Please send me an application when you have the chance.  No rush though I'll be out on the road dodging patches of ice and frozen snow.

I have always been an SSLB at heart, I just didn't know there were others out there like me. I feel a connection to all of those lone bikers out there, but I don't want to ride in a group with them. I ride alone and that's the way I like it. But I want a membership to be a part of that Lone Biker spirit that's floating around out there. And if our paths cross someday, fine; if not, fine. Please let me know what you need from me in order to send the application.

I've visited the Silent Skulls' website (my best friend is already a member), being a lone biker really fits me. I like the idea of not making any difference between the bikers out there, whether they're riding Hondas, Harleys or anything else with wheels and an engine. I've been thinking a long time to become member of any motorcycle club, but I never found the one I was looking for. Till I heard of the "Silent Skull Lone Bikes International Motorcycle Club", no discrimination of any kind and that's what I like most.

I came across your site by accident. WOW! What a find! I thought there was only me who thought like this. You know, I have always wanted to start a club for those who didn't want to be in a club. I didn't know there already was one. Please send me my application form, this is my kind of club.

I am interested in becoming a member of the Silent Skulls. I was a member of one of the larger clubs 30+ years I'm back on the road, on a bike that I built.  I miss the colors, but not the BS......and I certainly don't see myself riding as a prospect for the next X months to get back into that.  I believe that the Silent Skulls can provide the feeling of belonging to something without all of the games that usually go with it.  If you can send me a membership application...that would be great.

To Whom It May Concern,
I am researching a documentary on Harley-Davidson for the Learning Channel and am very interested in corresponding with you. I would like to know if you have more photos, like the one on your website, or any actual footage of your group riding Harleys, in Sturgis, Milwaukee, on the open road, in biker jackets, etc. Please email me if you are interested in sharing some of your motorcycle experiences with us via home videos or photos. 




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