Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965









Hello Silent Skulls Loner Bikes Club,






I'm working on an amazing TV series for The History Channel called "Counting Cars" and I'm reaching out to your organization in hoping that someone would be interested in casting and needing their motorcycles customized or restored for our show!"Counting Cars" is an automobile customization and restoration show spun off from the highly rated Pawn Stars, featuring (another) Danny Koker and his shop
Count's Kustoms.
We are gearing up for our third season, and if interested, we'd love to have you help spread the word by sharing the casting flyer attaching as an email blast to your group or anyone with a motorcycle you think would be great for our show! Happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and looking forward to anyone interested in casting for "Counting Cars"

Alex Tsaur
THE CASTING TEAM | Leftfield Pictures
"Counting Cars"
New York, NY 10001 







Hello, I'm working on a new TV series for The Travel  Channel called "Human Safari". The show is all about the diversity of  humankind and the  passions that bring us together. We're doing an  episode on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and motorcycle culture.  I am  reaching out to you because the show is looking to feature some   motorcycle clubs.  We'd like you to talk about the brotherhood, camaraderie, and passion for riding that is shared within an MC. We'd love to talk to a epresentative from your club about it further.  Please let me know if you are interested!

Amanda Garvey

Production Associate
7ate9 Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA 90038




THANK YOU  'Pilgrim Films and Television, Inc.'


" I am a casting producer working with Pilgrim Films & Television and the producers of Dirty Jobs and Top Shot.  The casting call is included below. If youd like to post it on your website. We are moving quickly and would love to start working with SSLB as soon as possible.  If you have any questions regarding this show please contact me." 1/21/2011.
Paul Head, Casting Producer
Pilgrim Films and Television, Inc.






" I'm a Casting Producer in Los Angeles currently working on the development of a new (documentary type) series with BBC Worldwide. I'm writing in hopes that you would be able to share our show info. It's an amazing show that is going to show American culture through "Road Warriors" as our guides!
Casting Producer
"Road Warriors Project"
BBC Worldwide








"I'm currently looking to feature all different types of motorcycle clubs/organizations across the country for A&E TV Show.  The show is an hour long, non-scripted, documentary/reality show following our host as he explores American society off the beaten path.  The show will immerse the audience into new worlds, to understand them from an intelligent level of common human interest. I came across the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers through some research that I've been doing online, and I thought that you all might be a good fit for the show that I'm working on. If there is something that you might be interested, I would love to talk further, feel free to reach me via email or by phone." 1/25/2010
A&E Casting Producer.







Kay Cardwell's article in Thunder Press (July 1, 2001, p.9) "It is new for me, but may be already known to the rest of you.  I am talking about the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers International Motorcycle Club. This is a club of lone bikers who have a camaraderie with anonymity. They are 99% ers who do not want to lead anyone anywhere. There are no chapters, no officers, no dues other than the initial cost of joining, and only club volunteers who take care of the memberships. SSLB Richard is one of the volunteers, and he maintains the website. He says that he is not really into web mastering. When the website looks bad, he is out riding, and when the site looks great, he is not riding enough. Want to be alone in a group? Then e-mail  SSLB club volunteers will answer you when they come in from riding...."







"We are gathering research for a one hour documentary for MSNBC about bikers, the show will focus on different biker clubs, their lifestyles and their love and dedication to motorcycle riding. The plan is to follow various motorcycle clubs from all walks of life and document their lives. I would like to speak with a representative of the Silent Skulls M/C about our project, could you please email me with a contact number.
BBC Producer.







Read about Silent Skulls in a short blurb in this month's  Thunder Press. This is the club I've waited thirty years for! Please send an application.

I'm writing because I've read about your club in a Scandinavian magazine called ScanBike. I've been talking to a Silent Skull from Norway, he said I should check out the club website, and so I did. I'm a lone biker as everyone who are the Silent Skulls.

Word about the SSLB club is getting around the Delphi "Shadow Riders Forum". I checked out your web site and I want to join, I'll send in my application later. So I agree with your ideas. I wave to every biker I pass. It's not WHAT you ride, it's THAT you ride. See you on the cross roads. Keep the fleshy side up!

Heard about the club in THUNDER PRESS. Checked out your website and liked what I saw. Would you send me an application?








I found this through my endless searches on the web pertaining to motorcycle events, stories.....for 30 years I have wasted 8 am to 12 noon here at work every third Saturday of the month.....playing on the web the last 8-9 years have eased that pain a little.....don't know why I haven't found you guys before but anyway today was the curiosities, amusements, self reflections, self identity was all moving pretty fast as I was totally intrigued by your complete site.....I don't know if I am you.......but your site IS ME!  It is pretty nice here in Indiana 1 hour..54 minutes....I get to ride my bike home, or to lunch, or to the store........but somewhere....good luck!
Brad, IN USA


Greetings to you all. My name is Flavio and I live in Italy, I thought and thought about what it meant to be a Lone Biker and came to the conclusion that the meaning of my life on the road. I ask you to join the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers. Thank you and awaiting for a response.
Flavio (Italy)



Finally, I have found some fellow riders with the same thoughts and values that I have as a lone rider. I have been riding for 15 yrs. now and I always seem to find myself on the road alone...which in the beginning it did bother me because I didn't think that's what riding was all about. I would hang around with other clubs and was even asked to prospect a couple...but as time went on I found out what being a true rider and having a love for motorcycles was all about. I found myself enjoying more and more the feeling of just being by myself on the road, just being alone with my thoughts and being on the open road. It feels great not to have to conform to a pre-designated route or have mandatory crap that you are required to attend. Just me and my bike and wherever the road takes me, that's the way I want to continue to ride forever. I would greatly appreciate a member application. I would wear that patch proudly knowing that I am not alone and that there is more riders out there that share the same thoughts. SSLB FOREVER!
SSG Matthew
U.S Army



Silent Skulls - I've been a Lone Biker for the past 35 years and always will be. I took the ID test and passed with a score of 18! I would be proud, honored and most of all dedicated to becoming a member of SSLB MC. This is just what I've been looking for in a club membership. Wearing the SSLB MC patch would be a patch of honor for me. The freedom of riding proud with autonomy is exactly what I'm looking for. Please contact me and let me know what, how, where, and who I need to contact for membership.
Herb The Cat


Passed the SAT test!!
I am 72 years old, been riding since 1949.  First bike was a Doddle-Bug then a Harley Hummer so on to BSA etc... I currently ride a 1985 Honda Vt1100c rebuilt from the ground-up. Yep! I ride alone and damn well enjoy it. Membership  application would be appreciated.
Larry (USA)

I am interested in becoming a brother in the Silent Skulls organization.  I have looked around at other clubs and organizations but nothing fit.  There were to many politics and not enough focus on riding the open road.  I just didn't see the fit.  However I still feel that empty void of being part of a bigger picture, I feel that Silent Skulls organization is a good fit.  Ride till you bone!
Scott (USA)


I am 54 yrs old and I was part of the shadow riders for about 1 yr under the wheels of soul brotherhood but I quit! I don't want to follow anyone and I don't want anyone to follow me. I go to some rallies but I go alone. I've  always worked on my own bikes! I am not a poser. I use to be a competitive power lifter/Bodybuilder and I have been in martial arts since I was 8yrs old. I am not the best nor am I the strongest but I was successful enough. I do not see any other mc partners that suit me so please keep me in mind.

Read your Creed and Philosophy,  then checked you out around the net.  Little hard for me to swallow the fact that there were actually others like me out there someplace.  I was riding solo in 65 and beyond until now, ride a Harley FXST.  Three patch clubs are not new to me, been there done that. I therefore completely realize what they are and what the SSLB is in contrast.  Please send me an application.  Yes, I have taken your test my score was 19. I have been a biker for 45 years and have found the things you say to be true.  Please E-mail me an application so I can fill it out and forward your payment for membership. Finally bikers who know.
Daigo Jim (NM, USA)

I saw one of your members riding today here in California and I was curious so I looked up your website. I am considering applying to join as this It seems like exactly what I've been looking for. I ride hard and I generally ride alone. I take detours everywhere I go just to make the ride longer. I'm not against riding with friends or anything, but I always feel like no one rides as much as I do or is up for a ride anywhere near as often as I am. I work with a bunch of guys that ride, but none of them seem to get it, well except for maybe one guy.  The thing that draws me to your club is it seems like its more about representing who you are and not who your club is. Let me know if you agree. when I'm on my bike, nothing else matters, it's just me and the road, and that's what I'm looking to represent.
Vinny (CA, USA)

I have been riding alone for the last seven yrs and wondering how many others like me there were out there. Well after finding your site and reading every word on it I think I have found my extended family. Can you please send me the application so that I may join your non club and support those other lone riders out there.

I've found your club by just wandering around the internet keeping my memories of riding warm and fresh. Anyway I should get to the point. I've always wanted to belong to something while riding, but I always figured the bike I ride was good enough to separate myself from the world, yet be in a group that only understands its own. It clicked for me when I was riding my MZ and a patched biker on a Harley gave me a nod and passed by me. Even though I didn't know the man I then understood that we had a common unspoken bond in which we only know. I don't ride to be "cool" or be a rebel, I ride for the feeling that I get. The freedom, and solitude which gives me peace. And I know this is something you probably read in all forms of stories. but I just wanted to say that I understand the club. I look forward to being a member.
Spc DC
C.Co. 3/25 Avn Medivac


I'm a 44 year old free thinking loner that's been a biker for 30 of those years. I've always stood on my own beliefs and would not conform to the "flock" mentality. Be that in "normal" society or in the biker world. Because of that, I have always been on the outer fringe of both societies. I've always thought of myself as a 1%er. Not because I'm an outlaw biker, but because of my Ideals and nonconformist attitude. I am my own man and my own biker. I take full responsibility for myself and my life. I ride because I love to. Not because it's cool or what others may think. I ride because I Love the freedom it brings. Freedom of mind, soul and body. Before I found the Silent Skulls, purely by accident surfing the web, or was it fate? I thought I was truly alone. I thought that I was the 1% within the 1%.
I've always had the same ideals as the Silent Skulls. I live my life by them on and off the road. I just didn't realize it. I will wear the Skull patch with Pride and Conviction to what I and the (non) club stand for. I now know that I have Brothers and Sisters out there that share my ideals.  Please accept my request of an application. "Until we cross, ride alone with us"   Silent Skulls for Life!
Ed (FL, USA)

I have been riding for most of my 53 yrs and never found a group of people I could stand to be around long enough to join into any clubs with, I just prefer to ride alone. I feel free on my bike and shackled by my daily life. Your creed sounds like you used me for the model when you wrote it. I truly am an icon for Silent Skulls MC.

I have been visiting your website a few times now, and if I read what this MC is all about I recognize myself in many of the articles. I never thought about it but I have been a lone biker for several years now and I really would like to become a member of this MC. Could you sent me everything I need to know to become a member?

Oh My God!!! I have found my brothers and sisters at last!!! I have read and re-read your website and it's like you've been reading my very thoughts. Have taken the "Self-Identity" test and passed with flying colors.
Please e-mail me the Membership Application.

Greeting from deep in Louisiana,
Fellas, I have seen those patches from the shadows for quite some time, I dunno if I's be a welcome addition to SSLB for one simple reason. Yeah, I'm a freaking cop. We all know that bikers hate cops, I still wanted to at least stop and show some love anyway. Cops? A REAL 1%! I ride alone day by day hated and shunned by people because of what I do. EVERYONE hates the po-po until they need something. I am an only child, too. I get the biker in me from my deceased dad. I've been riding since 92. How amazing to grow up around so much influence from outlaws, bootleggers and rowdy ass Cajuns........only to straighten my ass up and become a cop! Thank you Marine Corps! Anyway y'all, a nice fuckin website, I certainly agree to your creed. Much love here, brothers and sisters. Keep the roads open for me too while y'all are out. My jackets and vests stay patchless in honor of my own creed.........Yo camino solo, me paseo por s sola(I walk alone, I ride alone)!
Allow me to extend my hand if any of you guys are ever around in Cajun Country and need anything........cop or no cop.
Jeremy (LA, USA.)

Please send me/email me an application so I can get the process started to join your non club.  I have had it with clubs, posers and waiting for others to get up and go.  Should have joined SSLB a long time ago.  I hit 50 years old a few months ago and I decided to go it alone.  Been riding 34 years, been everywhere, owned almost every brand of motorcycle.  I AM A SILENT SKULL/LONE BIKER and have been for many years, now its time to let others know by flying the SSLB patch.  I know membership is lifetime and I am ready to commit.  I will wear it proudly when ever I ride.  Thanks  and please get me the app ASAP.         

Could you please send me an application for membership.  I have read your web site in its entirety and it touched a place in my soul that almost brought a tear to my eye.  I have been a loaner on 2 wheels for a long time now. Everything that was said in the web site was me to a tee.  I have never felt the need to wait on individuals or ride with them because I had too.  I am what SSLB is all about.  I am about riding, i don't care where I go, i just pick a direction and go.  I have a few bikes, but have never felt the need to buy a bike just because its what everyone is riding.  I have been looking for a long time for a brotherhood, not just a click.  I think a lot of people have forgotten what riding is all about.  They think riding is driving from one bar to another a mile away.  I'm the type of person that will ride my bike to work and look forward to taking the long way home, could be 30 minutes could be 3 hours.  I love my freedom of two wheels, the wind and the gas to get me there. 
 Adam aka Snowman


I have been looking through your web site. I am a lone biker. I ride alone and have always ridden alone. I do occasionally ride with a few others but don't care to be hindered by someone else's time frame or wants. I prefer to be alone. Sometimes with the old lady. I have been riding for 35 years. I have been asked to join other clubs but never wanted to commit to the rules and regulations that go with it. I would love to become a member of this non organization.
Danny (WV, USA.)

I would often ride just to see where they would lead me. I never really minded the rain but a bobbed rear fender and no front makes for and even nastier experience. I enjoyed every minute, the bad and the good. Anyway I have given this much thought and would love nothing more to become a member of the Silent Skulls Lone Bikers MC, I would be thrilled if you could send me an application
Balloo (VA, USA.)

I'm in complete concurrence with your obvious philosophy of "ride and let ride"...  just thought I'd share a couple of tidbits from my near 40 year affair with
scoot ring.  Let me know about membership costs, application, etc., if you'd be so kind, and if you'd think me to be a potentially decent representative of SS's.

I would like to request an application for membership.  I currently ride a Rocket 3.  Typically I ride alone and for the most part, like it that way.  I reviewed your web site and thought finally somewhere I belong by not belonging.  I have been riding most of my life and will ride just short of frost bite when possible.
Sean (NH, USA.)

The club sounds awesome!!! I guess I been a member for over twenty years and never new it. Took the test, read all of the web site, and today I screamed on a lonesome road somewhere in backwoods Tennessee "I AM A SILENT SKULLS LONE BIKER". Always alone never lonely!!
Jeff (TN, USA.)

I am writing you today because I believe that I am a Silent Skull Lone Biker. I have had traditional MC club experience and found it  mostly an unpleasant venture. I ask myself what do I stand for ? Where is my freedom ? I am doing mostly what the club wants not what I want. This is not freedom. When its just me and my bike I know who I am, I have my freedom, and I answer to no one. I ride with whom I chose to ride, with when ,and if I choose to ride with anyone. I feel trapped on my job, I cant wait to get on the road after work. I cant explain to people what its like to be a biker, they truly do not understand. I can't put into words the freedom of being on a bike alone with a thunderstorm on the horizon and smelling the ozone. This is the MC I have been searching for. A club of lone riders. If we meet that's great! Lets ride. If not maybe next time or maybe not. Please send me an application, I have been thinking about this for weeks and feel in my heart this is who I am.

WOW! Sometimes fate has a way of directing our path as was today when I stumbled on your website. As a lifetime loner this is the club I want to belong to and I already live by your creed so what a perfect fit ,membership without any B.S. Plz send the membership info so I may begin this process thx again and kudos to the webmaster L4L Shadowchaser

Just came across your website. Always seen myself as being alone but never lonely. Also ridden on and off for nearly 20 years now. This seems like a perfect fit for me. Id love to join and represent the values of the club and road. Could you send me an application form.
Greydog (UK)


I would like to join the Silent Skulls, I am a lone biker and a lifelong loner. I saw a guy buying beer at an off-sale bar with the Silent Skulls patch on his jacket. I checked you out on the internet and would love to join. It means something to me as a loner from Canada.

I am Sven from Belgium and I am thinking for a long time now to join your mc and came to a conclusion that I want to join I know it's for the rest of life but this is what I want. I answer all SAT  questions and they are a perfect match for me. I have been riding 19 years every day winter and summer if been true it all snow rain sun wind... I ride alone and still love it. if you accept me as a member I will wear the colors with pride so if you find the time to read this let me know if I can join your MC.
Greetings from Belgium, Sven.

I have been riding for over 20 years.  I've ridden everything from Hondas to Harleys.  Although I enjoy pack rides, my true love is hitting the road solo and letting the pavement take me where it will.  I truly believe in the saying, "It's not the destination....It's the ride"  Even though I consider myself a "lone rider", I treat all bikers as my brothers and will help them whenever I can.  I discovered the Silent Skulls while cruising' the 'net and knew right away that your club embodies everything I believe in. I would appreciate it if you could email me an application and I look forward to becoming a member of your "non" organization.


I visited the site end 2007. After the reading of all the information, I started to reflect. And now I am sure that I am a lone biker. So I would like to become a member.
Future SSLB Erik


Hello, I would like to become a member of Silent Skulls Lone Bikers. I do a lot of riding on my own, However being a Marine Engineer, I really don't get as much saddle time as I would like. I am e-mail from Canada Vancouver BC. This is the kind of club I can relate to.              


Just want to wish all the Silent Skulls and happy holiday period.  I want to gain membership as soon as I can.  Just waiting to build up some money.
 Ride hard, Die free!!


To live the life of lonely ridding is an achievement I'm proud of. Although your site only invites, I will like to invite myself. I respect the values and live by them everyday. If you would like a member from Germany then send me the application and I'll fill out and return with fee.
Bill in Germany


please forward me a membership application form, I'm a 48yr old biker who been riding for 32years,from what I've seen on your website spins my wheels down here in Australia, my riding brother told me about the Silent Skulls, so please forward me an application,  I'm looking forward to hearing back from you guys.
Moose in Australia.


I am all for your philosophy as to what the Silent Skulls are about... ever since my first ride on a bike, at 6 years of age, I have been an independent rider, never conforming to rules thrown at me left and at 41, all I got is my bike to help me through the lonely times. As I spread my eyes over every inch of you site these past few days, and as my jaw fell  from my skull to the floor, I knew I was looking at a great brotherhood because I totally agree with your insights as some are of my own thoughts and I accept your invite to be a part of the Silent Skulls. Please send me an application!
Wylie in Tx, USA.

my name is Jean-Claude from Ronse (Belgium) by surfing the internet I have found your wonderful motorcycling club. I'm riding alone for 19 years now and decided to join your club so please send me an application form, so I can join
kind regards  j-c in Belgium.


Hello again!! It was very cold, foggy, rainy late last night, (11-09-07) after I picked up my Chopper I went for a cruise, I yelled "SILENT SKULLS" many times!
I ride alone, I have friends, but I ride alone. I NEED TO JOIN SILENT SKULLS LONE BIKERS MC  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I have to do??? For the love of humanity


Holy  Crap Batman!!  I can't believe I  found some others just like me!!   HOLY CRAP!!!  I have been out there in the wind on my own, living the life and missing out !!  I know what you say, I feel it, I live it, I demand it. Please send me the application and let's get this party rolling!!!!

My name is Ozkan, I'm from Turkey. ı meet sslb Bull from Belgıum and he asked me to join your club, so I read your website and ask now for my an application form.
Ozkan, Turkey.

Please email me an application.  I'm familiar with the Silent Skulls and understand their beliefs.  I've been riding since I was 14, and I am now 53.  I understand other bike clubs, their politics, their policies and beliefs - which I can respect.  But I have chosen to ride alone or with another Skulls without having to go to organized church meetings, MMA meetings or club houses and runs if I choose not to.  I do not sponsor or represent any other club or organization;  I like to do it my way.  I am a professional, I have a successful business, and yet I have experienced the other side of the fence in my youth.
I'm married with two grown daughters and five grandchildren. I own a Road King, Street Bob and a 1200 Custom Sportster. I look forward to your reply.
Brad in CA, USA.


I passed the SAT test. I've been riding alone for many years while still remaining a part of the overall Australian bike scene. I have done time with a club but the politics and personalities take away the enjoyment and freedom of riding where and when you like.We have some good country here in Australia and I would like to see a lot more of it before I die and doing that on a bike has to be the best way I know.
I'm very interested in becoming a member of S.S.L.B. After more than 30 years of riding I believe I have done time enough to wear the S.S.L.B. patches with pride.  Could you please e-mail me an application form.
Steve in Sydney, Australia.


Greeting... I would respectfully ask that a membership application be sent to me. I have reviewed all info I could find on SSLBMC, and I am delighted that there are "kindred" spirits, who don't fit into others' molds of what we should be like, or identified with. I always knew what I felt inside regarding my "motorcycle relationship", but never thought I would find others like me. I feel like every word on your website have been in my head long before I actually saw it written down on the home website. My decision is sure, my devotion to the Silent Skulls is undiluted.
Kenneth in AK, USA.


I had just viewed your web page (yep all of it ) I just wish I had found about you lot years ago. I am a 54yr young lone rider in the UK. having in the past ridden with others and all the s++t that it carries. I now realize I enjoy my own company the best (ok I do ride with a few close friends now and again) I have spent a couple of weeks looking and reading what you have to say. I would like to be part of your club. with no rules doing what I love to do RIDE FREE and go where/when I want. yet at the same time knowing you are part of a bigger brotherhood must be the way to go and so I am asking you for a membership form please.

john  in UK


My name is Dave, a bud of mine told me about your club and said I was perfect for it. So I checked it out and thought you guys had a kickass creed and thought right on that's a club for me. I ride alone a lot and got a 18 on SAT because I don't wear a patch and I don't like to ride in packs. After going thru your site I was really into the whole SSLB, thought about it for a couple of months and yelling "I am a Silent Skull Lonely Biker" while riding thru Mojave at 1am in the morning made my mind up as what to do. So hook me up with an app. 


I am a lone biker and always wanted to join a club that shared the same values as me; however, this is difficult to find until now. I have reviewed your entire web site and thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be everything that I have already believed in. I greatly appreciate it if you would send me an application so that I may join this club of lone bikers. I feel that what you stand for and how you treat every biker is awesome. For once a club which does not display any kind of prejudice, please keep up the excellent work. 

My name is Michael, and I did not know I was a Silent Skull til I came across your website. It feels like I have known, but did not know where I belong!! Anyway please send me the membership information. I look forward to belonging to what I didn't know I have known all along!!!! 


My name is Terry "Gypsy" and I would like to become a Silent Skulls Lone Biker.  Everything that you all stand for is embedded deep within my own belief.  I feel as though I was born to be a Silent Skull.  Being a Silent Skull is in my heart and is running through my veins as well as being a state of mind.  I have been through the website and have thought about the membership long and hard, and I believe that I can and will commit to what the patch stands for and will wear it with great respect, honor and pride. I live in New Zealand,  I look forward to hearing back from you.


My name is Maria X and I come from Sweden. Silent Skulls is the kind of club I would like to join. My husband is already a member of the club, so I know what it`s about to be a SSLB. Please send me an


I took your SAT and I learned a lot about myself in doing so.  I answered yes to 19 of the questions. (I'll shout on my way home tonight and get that one too). I never really fit in with any group.  Besides, being in the military doesn't leave any time to be part of a big group that I have to be there for 24/7.  I feel like I'm a lone biker.  I'm there for myself all the time and when I'm not working I'm riding.  I think I'm definitely ready to make a commitment to something that I do so well already.  If you would have me, I would like to fill out an application.
Scott in FL, USA

I would like to have an application sent to me so that I might join the club, I ride a chopper and have been riding most of my life alone and like it that way. I just can't get enough riding guess I'll ride till I bone or rot in the saddle and go to that hwy in the sky and ride on. I have told the old lady that when that day comes to put the bike in the ground with me not need to have to build another one when this on does so good.
Country Bear in USA


I am 42 yrs old, of New Zealand descent and have been riding for most of my adult life, I currently ride a 2005 American Triumph Bonneville. After finding your website and reading through the information - I found myself thinking 'This really sounds like me!! - and how I should apply right now. Like many riders here in New Zealand, and indeed all across the world, the violence, drugs and police hassle that go with outlaw clubs and gangs is not an attractive style of hardcore riding or world that I aspire too. We have some magnificent tar seal here in NZ that goes from wide open plains to windy trails through mountain tops in in few short miles. Some of the MC clubs are fighting street gangs over drugs here at the moment so the biking world is quite -it will pass. I tend to steer clear of any outlaw biker events - as I am sure if you have ever heard or seen the level of meanest in NZ bikers you will quickly understand why I choose - along many others - to do so. Therefore, I would like to formally make an application to go through the necessary procedures to join your club - if you will have me. I hope to hear back from you soon. 
All the Best - Riding in da South'n Hemisphere, Na NekeRangi

The first time I thought about joining the SSLB was some 3 years ago, but I'm in no hurry - membership is for life right? I score 19 points on the Skulls Aptitude Test, now, as I did 3 years ago - so I feel I'm ready. I ride a Triumph Bonneville (new one) with some minor modifications I've done on it myself.
Jan in Norway.


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