Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965







sslb Skuzz

2016 Ride West to S. Dakota and Wyoming















sslb Garry

2014 Ride 7,250 Miles
Denver-Canada-Sturgis-Mexico-Gallop NM-Route 66 to L.A. in five weeks






SSLB John 'Jaybee'
Devon, England


5 days Road trip to Red Square, Moscow








In 2014 we are planning to do Sturgis for the rally flying the bikes out and taking a month  to tour over to the west coast and down to Los Vegas down into Mexico and then back up to LA to ship the bikes back home. So if any brothers out there that would like to have a chat and hopefully meet up for a beer on the way can you please let me know of any members that I can contact?





SSLB Daigojim




















SSLB Preacher

(road trips in NY, W.VA, OH)

All summer I had to ride in thunderstorms, hail, high winds and some hot humid areas. My bike handled it all just fine and I drank a lot of power aide and coffee. Riding on the cross roads, I hooked up with other 8 bikes and we rode as group into VA. I think I had made a good impression for the club with them all. If people say we are a computer club, just look at them and smile!






























SSLB  Nomad


Happy new year with plenty of more riding. I'm a proud SKULL going on 2 years now and it's getting better and better. I put 3,000 miles on in one wk and been to 10 different states, and not one bit of trouble with anyone. Looking forward to cruising this summer to the badlands. SSLB proud member 'Nomad'.






















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