Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965














SSLB Glider

Joining a traditional motorcycle club can be a big commitment. At first glance, becoming a Silent Skull Lone Biker may appear commitment free, as the club seems to have no rules, no chapters and they say ‘you ride as you choose’. In my opinion, the Silent Skulls Motorcycle Club is an exciting, wonderful, hassle free organization. However, you should think carefully before joining to ensure this is indeed the proper club for you. Once you become a Silent Skull, you’re a member for life and perhaps forever. Rather than signing up on a whim, or because your biker buddies have become patch holders, think seriously about your reasons for wanting to join and then follow through on what’s right for you.

To a certain extent, the recruiting and prospecting other clubs do can be a good exercise in that potential members get to size up the fraternity, see it in action, and determine the extent to which they fit in. If they do fit, the prospect has made a good choice. If there is not a fit, they may be able to walk away or be voted down. With the Silent Skulls MC, the prospecting period for the Club is represented by the potential member self identifying as a Lone Biker. If you are a candidate , you know it in your head and in your heart. The Silent Skulls International Motorcycle Club has no chapters. But, this is the perfect brotherhood for us Lone Bikers. However, it likely won’t meet your needs or your expectations if you’re looking for affiliation within a more structured group.

Silent Skulls are individuals who enjoy spending time alone with their bikes. They strike harmony and achieve peace of mind through riding, working on, and thinking about, their motorcycles. The motorcycle is an integral part of their life. It is one of their most important and treasured companions. Different from a life style, this is a way of life. It is from the inside out rather than from the outside in. The Lone Biker doesn’t need or isn’t looking for anything else. Our Club mirrors this experience. We are an International Club of Lone Bikers. By joining, you are formalizing the commitment you have already made to yourself. As in riding and in life, choose the path you are taking carefully, and with deliberate intention. Are you one of us? Are you a Silent Skull?





SSLB Glider


    1.     Do you mostly ride alone?
    Are you a responsible rider for your own choices? 
    3.     Do you do your own motorcycle maintenance?
   Have you ever sniffed, inhaled or swallowed gasoline?        
    5.     Will you ride as a club with no chapters?
    6.     Have you ever behaved in a disorderly fashion?
    7.     Do you ride in all types of weather?
    8      Do you prefer to hang around in a group?
    9.     Do you respect and let live each and every biker?
   10.    Have you ever shouted ‘I am a Silent Skull Lone Biker’ 
            when riding alone on a deserted road?
   11.    Do you know when to stay and when to ride out?
   12.    Are you either: from nowhere or just passing through?
   13.    Are  you proud to wear the SSLB Club pin or patch on one 
            of your motorcycle vests or jackets? 
   14.    Would you ride a chopper?
   15.    Have you deliberately disobeyed rules or regulations?
   16.    Have you kick started a motorcycle?
   17.    Do you stay calm and relaxed when questioned by police?
   18.    Would you like more saddle time?
   19.    Have you learned from you mistakes in life?
    Above all, will you honor the Silent Skulls '13' for ' M' creed?

*Scoring key:
18 pts 'yes' or more – You’re definitely a self identified Lone Biker. Join  when you are ready to be one of us.
15 to 17 pts 'yes'– You may be a future Silent Skull.  Hang around another year by
riding alone. Do this quiz again.
Below 15 pts 'yes'– Sorry Bro, you are not a true Lone Biker.