Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965













The Club is a majority of lone bikers Skulls who choose not to be listed or contacted, since we do  not organize or get into biker politics. We are content with being  untraditional lone bikers and ride with the creeds of: "Camaraderie with Anonymity",  "Ride as you choose",  and "Ride alone."

However, there are a few  Skulls who have requested a traditional way to contact each other and they signed up on a private Skull listing. This Skull Listing does not represent the majority of the club members.  Based on the honor system, members' self-identify as one of us when they join and we welcome them but use caution when giving out personal information in emails. We only give out:  biker name, state/ country, and
e-mail address.

To obtain a Skull Listing in your state you must also be on the listing. If you are not on the listing, we will add your information to the listing. We do not send out the whole international list to anyone.






New Members:

The Skull Listing is a membership privilege and patience earns that privilege. New members have to be on-board for a period of timing before they will be given a Skull Listing.





Find A Skull:


Send us an email requesting a Skull Listing and we will send you the form to fill out. After verify your membership information, we will email you a list of Skulls in your state.

Ride, hang and enjoy each other's lone company.