Silent Skulls Lone Bikers
International Motorcycle Club
Founded in 1965










Who are Silent Skulls Lone Bikers?
SSLB Doctor Skull, MD., PhD., ThD.

Silent- I don't need to prove to anyone what I am by what I say. What I am speaks for itself without talk, which really is cheap, as they say.  Talk more often covers up who a person really is, rather than reveal it.  I am revealed without talk. What you see is what you get.

Skull- It's the sign of death, the sign that a person has gone beyond the pressure to conform to what everyone else thinks a person should be and do. It's the sign of freedom. I choose to be a biker, a pediatrician, and a professor of anthropology and linguistics. I choose to ride a Harley and wield a stethoscope, when and where I want. I've learned that I can only do this as a SKULL "Dr. Skull", dead to the expectations all those around me want to cage me in with  BROTHERHOOD! FREEDOM!

Lone- Who I am and what I do are defined by what I've chosen to do, and not by what anyone else has chosen for me. No group of people tells me what I must choose to do or who I must understand myself to be. I face the consequences of what I, alone, have chosen to do. I've been given a lot of possibilities from which to choose who I am and what I do, but choices of what to do, who I ride with when I want to ride with them. Screw everyone else.

Biker- I've found that I am most truly what I am, I feel free to do what I want to do when I'm on my bike and being with bikers. The biker lifestyle is who I am and what I choose to do. In my lifestyle as a tattooed biker dressed in leather on my Harley, I am what I most truly am and want to be. Bikers are my people, and I am a biker because I am. Bikers stand together as a brotherhood, each biker being what he alone has chosen to be in a group of other free bikers.






The Skull
SSLB Timbergreywolf

The SKULL is the symbol of our mortality.  Faceless, we as  individuals face the same hazards and risks as riders on the road of  life.  Paths that cross different times and places. The same wind in our faces, backs and sides. The bike we ride does not matter it is the fact that we have chosen to ride that counts.  What we ride usually is based more on economics than perhaps on what we would want to ride, but we ride the same. The SKULL shows we are willing to ride under any conditions: day, night, winter, summer, rain, snow, black ice, and high wind.

We ride as we choose because we are SILENT SKULLS.