SSLB Deacon




I was just reading the SSLB website again and it kind of chocked me up. The world is so down on the BIKERS that I really believe we are a dying breed. So much turmoil out there, but this SSLB Club is what is so desperately needed for the bikers.

The crap of territory, possession, controlling is a waste of precious time and freedom that SSLB will never have to deal with. The real choice of being a BIKER is the choice of-FREEDOM. Why do so many give up that choice to be free and jump into a lifestyle that strangles them and holds them hostage just to be in a Club?

SSLB is the Club of free expression, free choice, free thought, that is what builds a brotherhood and sisterhood among us. I am so thankful to be a Skull member now of this unique group of fellow bikers who care enough about who they are that WE ALL ARE Free in this Club called SSLB.

I take so much heat from my co-workers and others who don't know our hearts and souls. They live in a box and don't know the sweet kiss of the open roads and the glory of two wheels under you, moving you forward freely into another adventure.

I expect a lot of heat and attacks from my fellow workers and others, but I made the free choice to go with SSLB that knows their hearts. They are proud enough and strong enough to step out and shout, "I AM A SILENT SKULL LONE BIKER".

God bless SSLB Club  and all of the Skull family.